Classic Duos Incoming! Hub Duos Incoming!

June 10, 2021


We just got word that our container has now been allocated and the bikes are scheduled to be loaded to head toward the port on June 20. This means that they should be here in North America in 3-4 weeks after that and on to your homes. I know this has been a long haul, but thanks for your patience as the end is almost near. End of the wait, and beginning of all the fun times on your bikes.

This is amazing news. We have been waiting for these bikes for a long time (seems like an eternity now) and they are finally going to be heading to North America.

In the next few weeks, we will be contacting all outstanding orders when we allocate your bikes. If you haven't got a survey yet, we will send you one and get your bikes built as you's like them. 

Classic Duo: Step-thru small frames, large frames (are already in stock and shipping), Step-over large and small frames - are on the way

Hub Duo

Step-thru: Small frames with 24x4 wheels and large frames with 26x4 and 27.5x3 wheels are all on the way in this first batch.

Step-over:  Large frames with 26x4 and 27.5x3 wheels are on the way in this first batch.

Some pictures for your amusement:

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