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June 18, 2018 2 min read

Ladies and gentlemen, the Biktrix eMoose electric fat-bike, v. 1.0.

Our brand new electric mid-drive fat-bike is now here, and it's more affordable and with more options than ever!  We present to you, the Biktrix eMoose.

With a name like "moose" in the title, it has to be Canadian, and rugged, and meant for the outdoors. This bike delivers!  It has 4" fat-bike tires, meant to handle any kind of insane terrain. The mid-drive motor is powered by either a 48V/11.6Ah battery, or a 52V/14Ah battery, to get to that 32km/hr road-legal top speed you need in a hurry. Remember - your bikes can be unlocked to have a higher top speed but only be legal off-road - something you can do with the eMoose.

But here's the great part - the Moose is for everyone!  Anyone at any size can ride a Moose, because the eMoose is the first Biktrix e-bike to offer three sizes of e-bike frames!  They come in Small, (S), Medium, (M), and Large (L) sizes so everyone can ride!

Here is the table for eMoose sizes! Take a look, eh?!

This is also an open platform bicycle.  This means that you can take off the motor and battery off the eMoose, and exchange it with any other fat-bike!  This opens the door to customize your eMoose, make it truly yours, and make it yet another amazing investment on an e-bike, from the hard workers at Biktrix!

We offer a 3-year warranty on the frame, as well as a 1-year warranty on the electronics.  We sincerely believe that this product will serve you for years beyond, but we want to help protect your investment in the short term in case of accidents.

To try a Biktrix eMoose today, click HERE to see more eMoose specifications, and see for yourself!


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