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May 28, 2018 2 min read

Ladies and Gentlemen, the original Biktrix Kutty Folding Electric Bike.

We have shown off the Biktrix Kutty LT previously, a heavier, but more powerful folding bike.  But it all started with the original Kutty - the epitome of lightweight efficiency, extreme portability, and power.

The Kutty has a 350W (500W peak) rear-hub motor, and a 35-50km battery range, (whether full electric or the using the pedal-assist system), meaning it will get you where you need to go, and more, on one charge. These are lower numbers than something like the Juggernaut models. But they are counteracted by the sheer weight of the Kutty e-bike.

Biktrix e-bikes are at the forefront for creating the lightest e-bikes available, with most of our roster ranging between 50lbs (the Biktrix Stunner and City Cruisers) to 90lbs (the Thunder Recumbent E-Trike).  The original Kutty? 38lbs. That's 20kg for a folding e-bike, which is simply the lightest e-bike around!  This is the perfect e-bike for storage in tight quarters, for transport in a vehicle for some outdoor trail fun, or for portability by any other means. This is a full 10kg's lighter than the Kutty LT!


The Kutty E-Bike in its folded position. 

Know that there is a max weight load with this small of a bike, at 120kgs - six times its weight!  This is the true meaning of portability and power. 

The Kutty is the market's most compact, efficient, and reliable e-bike you can buy today. It is unparalleled in weight, so it will always carry the advantage in portability and storage. It generates insane torque, thanks to the hub motor/battery by making more than enough power to propel this "featherweight" machine forward - past all its competition.

If you are thinking efficiency, think: Biktrix Kutty.

Click HERE to see all the specifications regarding the Kutty.


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