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June 04, 2018 2 min read

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Biktrix Stunner LT Step-Thru Cruiser Electric Bike.

We covered the original Biktrix Stunner model HERE on spotlight, but in case you are looking for a slightly cheaper cruiser bike while still carrying all the amenities of the Stunner Step-Thru, we carry the Stunner LT!

The Stunner LT has a few differences from the original Stunner; a major difference is that the LT has a 750W peak rear-hub drive motor, as opposed to the mid-drive balance of the classic Stunner. This means you get a heavier back end, and a motor propelling you from the back wheel, as if you are pushed. 

The other difference is that the Stunner LT comes with 4" fatbike tires, so this LT is able to do more difficult off-road trails, and take more considerable bumps and rocky off-road terrain, while positively altering handling and performance.

Other than those major changes, the Stunner LT gives you all the same amenities as the classic Stunner - comfort in a lightweight e-bike of just 50lbs.  It also has power, generating 500W, (750W peak), from a 48V battery with YOUR CHOICE of Ah amounts in your battery! (12Ah, 17Ah, 20Ah - the higher the Ampere hour, the longer your battery will last!)  It even keeps the same step-thru classic frame, for an easy mount.

You get all that "umph"  in an efficient e-bike, for hundreds of dollars less than its competition! Comes in Sharp Blue, Quick Silver, (above), Royal Blue, and Burgundy!

The Biktrix Stunner LT is one of our best sellers for a reason - it is a quality e-bike that has the most cross-over potential into mountain-bike territory than anything else from our cruiser lineup. It's cheaper than anything else like it on the market, it's powerful, it's comfortable, and it's uniquely Biktrix.

Click HERE for more specifications regarding the Biktrix Stunner LT!

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