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May 24, 2018 2 min read

Welcome to E-Bikes 101: Electric Bike School!  After a break from our last FAQ module, we return with more FAQ's regarding electric bicycles!  Here are five more of the most frequently asked questions Biktrix gets regarding an e-bike.

1. Do your batteries regenerate their charge?

No, ours do not regenerate their charge. We know of regenerative braking systems, but choose to not carry them, because we feel they are not needed.  More about them in the question below this one.  

2. Why do you not offer regenerative braking systems on your e-bikes?

It's a cost thing.  We want you guys to save money with us by making the jump to an electric bike.  We would rather have you spend $200 to get a larger battery with 30% more charge, than $500 for a braking system that can only regenerate 10-15% of a battery charge from the motor.  Pay $200 for an extra 30% charge, instead of paying $500 for an extra 10-15% regenerative charge.  Our way, you spend less, and ride more!

3. How easy is it to maintain these e-bikes?

Quite easy!  It varies from bike to bike, especially when they are a hub-motor bike as opposed to the easier mid-drive motor e-bikes.  But, you can do easy minor maintenance at home, a lot like maintenance for a regular bike!  Keeping it clean making sure the chains are okay, that gears shift well, etc. are still needed, but the extra feature of keeping the battery in a room temperature location, not exposing it to extreme high or low temperatures, making sure the bike is not submerged in water, is something to ensure your electrical system keeps up with the physical condition of your e-bike. 

For major problems you cannot fix, contact us!  We can help!  Our products come with 12 month warranties, in case something is amiss, and we can always help past that!

For more on battery maintenance, click HERE.

4. Are Biktrix e-bikes weatherproof?

You betcha!  From snowy winters, to wet and rainy springs, to blisteringly hot summers, our e-bikes are built to be able to ride through it all. However, electric systems do NOT like being submerged in water, and batteries do NOT hold charge well in extreme heat or cold conditions.

5. How long do I have to wait to charge my e-bike?

Depends on the power of the charger and the size of the battery.  Our standard charger is a 2A charger, that can get a battery charged in roughly 4 hours. A larger battery on a small charger will take longer to charge, so we recommend you upgrade your charger in order to reduce wait times.

That's all for part 2 of our FAQ's edition of E-Bikes 101: Electric Bike School!  If you have any questions regarding our electric bikes, or e-bikes in general, contact us!  Stay tuned for more articles in the Electric Bike School series, focusing on our accessories!

Class dismissed!

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