How Much Money Can You Save With an E-Bike?

In the article "A Prime Investment: Saving Money With an E-Bike," I went through some broad reasons explaining how an electric bike is the ultimate investment.  But, gas prices around Canada are currently rising, so it is important to look into why you should invest in an e-bike - with some more detail.

In British Columbia earlier this month, it was reported that gas prices escalated to $1.619/Litre CAD - the highest price in North America. (Source HERE). Other provinces are suffering the same rising price rates.  So, what better time than to invest in something that does not require gas to get you where you need to go? What better time to invest in an e-bike?!


Between depreciation, gas, insurance, tires, maintenance, and parking, among other costs, keeping automobiles on the road can cost $8,000-$13,000/year, worth of upkeep, based on this online Global News article.  According to the article, the study stated that Canadians spend almost as much on transportation than they do on rent!  Depending on the vehicle, Canadians pay more.  When you look to the upkeep costs of an e-bike, the cost for replacement pieces are considerably cheaper with Biktrix.  We are a direct-to-consumer online platform, with no middlemen or dealers, meaning cheaper parts directly from our warehouse, to you.  An e-bike's maintenance cost is considerably less money, because the rider has the capability to easily clean and maintain their e-bikes at home.  Ease of maintenance through design, coupled with great warranties, ensures considerably less money put towards your e-bike. 


We at Biktrix have done some preliminary calculations on this handy dandy chart you can find on our FAQ page on our website.  This chart determines what a single loonie, ($1 CAD), can get you on your mode of transportation.  Here, this chart determines that not only is a Biktrix e-bike green in the use of electricity, but also shows the value of stretching your dollar! 

Car ~1  litre of gas 13 km
Public Transport 1/3 of a ticket 15 km
Motorcycle ~1  litre of gas 20 km
Hybrid Car ~1 litre of gas 20 km
Biktrix Electric Bicycle 13 Recharges

400+ km

(You can find this table on our FAQ page online HERE).

 As you can see on the chart, you can go farther by a shockingly high factor.  $1 CAD can get you upwards of 13 full recharges on your e-bike battery, and can equal more than 400 kms traveled!  That rivals most of the automobiles on the road on one tank of gas!  

Now, if we take the current British Columbia gas prices, for $1 CAD, you would get a WHOPPING total of...

$1CAD/1.619 = 0.617

0.617 litres of gasoline? That's a little over half a litre! If you are running a conservatively fuel efficient, new, or freshly maintained car with a V4 engine, you might be able to go down the street once or twice... maybe?  A loonie, versus upwards of $50, $60, $70, for a car?  If you are a truck driver, even more?  For the same distance?  The numbers don't lie.

Simple math reveals the e-bike choice is far more lucrative financially from using an e-bike.  When you add the initial costs between an e-bike and a car, it becomes even more apparent; one e-bike, brand new, current year, ranges from low-end to mid-end four digits, and one car, even a less expensive vehicle, brand new, current year, off the lot, is at least five digits before taxes, insurance, and plates.

The Biktrix City is among the cheapest options not only on our roster, but on the market today. It's currently on sale! 


At the end of the day, it actually is a similar story, albeit to a smaller extent.  The e-bike beats out transit by being greener and by saving you more money.

In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the budding city Biktrix calls home, the fare to ride the bus is $3.00 CAD per ride.  When you ask for and receive a transfer upon entering the bus, you can get a transfer slip printed out that makes your $3.00 payment last for a duration of 90 minutes before you have to pay again.  This can translate to a $6.00 commute to and from work, (pay once to get there, pay once to get back), meaning you pay $30/week just for work transportation. If you add extra outings for groceries, socializing, etc, you can see that the bus fees start piling up.  When you add that you have no real independence when relying on a completely inflexible bus schedule and that your main mode of transport can terminate late at night, (which is the case in Saskatoon), paying roughly as much as you would be paying for gas in a car does not stand up to paying a loonie for over 400km of transport, when you need it.

Even if you buy a monthly bus pass - $88.00 CAD in Saskatoon, you reduce your bus costs, but it still pales in comparison to the money you will be saving on upkeep. Eventually, the monthly passes will add up to the cost of an e-bike anyway, all while adhering to a rigid, immovable schedule, and relying on cabs and friends or family to make up for missed buses. The freedom is worth the price.


This is actually one of the cheapest options you can get for yourself in terms of transportation that rivals the upkeep costs and price-tag of an e-bike.  Regular city bicycles are only hundreds of dollars, and they do not slightly raise your electric bill.  But here's the problem.  The couple of hundred dollars you would be saving from price-tag differences by not going electric are not worth it, because you are buying a bike that is of a lower quality, that is able to do fewer things than an electric bike can do.  You go farther, exert less energy while still getting in a safer, controlled workout, go faster, and have more fun with an e-bike.  A regular bike cannot compete with the prices they are at.

The case for a regular bike gets even worse.  If you wish to "upgrade" and buy a top-end mountain bike, you are still paying thousands of dollars for something that you can pedal on, when for the same amount of money, you can buy a bike that you can pedal, but also carries the option to pedal for you.  It is this reason that the e-bike markets are rising dramatically - the money saved is not worth buying the poorer product. 

Would you rather ride this Biktrix Juggernaut Fatbike?

Or this... seatless thing?  C'mon... you know where your money goes.


We've gone through prices on upkeep, initial price-tag, and maintenance, of regular vehicles versus the revolutionary e-bikes you can buy from Biktrix right now.  We've done a little bit of math, we've looked into proper sources, and it all says the same thing - your dollar, and you, go farther on an e-bike.  So, click HERE to view our e-bikes, and save money, while exercising and having fun!  We promise - you'll never look at transport the same way.

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