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Tektro Dorado E725

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Hands down best ebike brakes in the market today - custom made with 3 pin cutoffs for the Bafang BBS02/BBSHD motors. 

This brake is also plug and play for all Biktrix bikes with Bafang mid motors.

The price is for a set - includes left and right brakes with cutoffs. 

Length of rear hose: 1400mm 

Length of front hose: 800mm

These brakes do not come in retail packaging. 


Rotor Wave Type(TR180-16)
High Heat Dispersion & Heat Tolerance
Diameter : Ø180mm
Also Available : Ø203mm
Lever Forged Lever / Cast Aluminum Bracket
Can be combined with I-Spec II® or Matchmarker®
Reach adjustment
Two Pieces Bracket
2 Finger Blade
Finish : Black
Caliper 4 Piston Rorged Aluminum Body
Easy Pads Replace From Top
Finish: Black
Pads Q10YS
High Performance Metal Ceramic Compound
Fluid Non-Corrosive Mineral Oil
Excellent Heat Expansion Properties
Weight Front Wheel - 261 Grams / Rear Wheel - 281 Grams
( Excludes Rotor, Adapter & Mounting Bolts )

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    James K.
    United States

    Hose to short. No bleed kit.

    Waiting to hear back from Alex Willems about bleed kit. I believe I am missing a bleed kit. And the rear brake line is way to short. I need at least 2100mm for my fat tire electric rear brake.

    Kevin W.
    United States

    Great team with hard to find top products.

    Not easy getting 4-piston brakes with a Bafang motor cut off, but Roshan and the team made it easy and shipping anywhere in the world is a breeze. Thanks so much.

    Peter M.

    Great stopping power

    Added these as an upgrade to my Juggernaut Ultra. Vastly superior to the mechanical disk brakes on my old bike! A must when flying down hill at 40 mph on a 70lb bike!

    Michael B.
    United States

    Tektro E725 - only place in North America

    First off, Roshan and team are the guys to work with. I built a custom bike from a Yuba Mundo Lux. Strapped a Bafang BBSHD to it and the stock brakes couldn't handle the force needed to stop me and my kids. Doing a bit of research, I wanted integrated sensor cables to make sure everything thing worked, everytime over the magnets and tape method. Found biktrix online and reached out via chat to make sure I was getting the right parts. They asked for pictures to make sure I bought the right mounts (IS) for my bike. A step above what I was expecting. Received the parts and installed them. One rotor was bent and reached out and they sent a replacement. No hassle, just "we understand, it's on its way." Great customer service, shipping was fast international, I would buy from them again. And now I have confidence that my bike can, and will stop with out shaking now that I have better brakes. Cheers!

    Alain A.
    United States

    Lekkie 36T on Juggernaut 2019 1000w

    It is a must on the 1000w engine. Makes a huge difference - just fantastic. I feel it is still too big to optimize the enormous climbing capability of the Juggernaut, so I am now trying a 48T cassette as well that Roshan has recommended in the back. My objective is to be able to climb at 5km/h in first gear at a mid rpm - vs. 12kmh with the original mount (46x34) which is much too fast for serious technical terrain. With the new 36X48 I should get there... then only tires adherence - which is great in the first place - will stop me :-) There only one more (theoretically better) possibility. A 30T made by Luna. Anything I read about it is broken teeth and chain derailing. This problem does NOT exist with the Lekkie 36T and my 4” tires, despite very agressive use. Alain

    dean t.
    United States

    No complaints

    Great, plus financing, sweet products.....

    Corbin W.
    United States

    The rotor was bent up

    The rotor was bent up front now I’m getting a long pronounced noise when I brake hard. Frustrating for a upgraded feature on a 4.6k bike