Juggernaut Ultra 1000 (Sold Out)
Juggernaut Ultra 1000 (Sold Out)
Juggernaut Ultra 1000 (Sold Out)
Juggernaut Ultra 1000 (Sold Out)
Juggernaut Ultra 1000 (Sold Out)
Juggernaut Ultra 1000 (Sold Out)
Juggernaut Ultra 1000 (Sold Out)
Juggernaut Ultra 1000 (Sold Out)
Juggernaut Ultra 1000 (Sold Out)
Regular price Sale price $ 3,899.00 CAD

Juggernaut Ultra 1000 (Sold Out)

Regular price $ 4,699.00 CAD Sale price $ 3,899.00 CAD
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Limited supply - first come, first served.
Satin Black is now Sold out.

2019 Ultra bikes are equipped with the latest version of the Ultra motor with metal reduction gears. Biktrix is the first company to bring Ultra bikes to production in the world.

Introducing the most awaited Juggernaut yet.

What makes these bikes different from the other Juggernauts?

- Torque sensor + PAS sensor + On-demand throttle
- The Ultra is the most powerful ebike in the market today equipped with a torque sensor
- 1000W (rated), 1500W (peak) version


Juggernaut Ultra
1000W rated, 1500W (peak) power
Torque assist + PAS (cadence assist) + Throttle
1-9 programmable levels of assist
35mph top speed
160Nm of torque
Includes RST front fork
Shimano Deore 9sp transmission
400lbs load capacity
20-80 mile range based on battery choice
Includes front & rear fenders
Includes rear rack
Weight: 65 lbs

Compare Battery

48V 11.6Ah battery
Samsung 18650 cells
20-30 miles per charge
Includes 2A charger
Weight: 7.5 lbs
48V 17Ah battery
LG 18650 cells
30-40 miles per charge
Includes 3A charger
Weight: 8.5 lbs
48V 20Ah battery
LG 18650 cells
60-80 miles per charge
Includes 3A charger
Weight: 11 lbs

Compare forks

RST Guide suspension fork
Mid level oil fork with lockout
135mm dropout
1 1/8 straight steerer tube
80mm travel
Wren inverted suspension fork
Top-of-the-line fork in the market today
135mm dropout with 15mm thru axle
1 1/8 - 1.5 tapered steerer tube
100 to 150mm travel

Compare Motor Programming

Street legal mode for USA
Off-road use only

Motor programming can be modified by the end user using the settings on the handlebar. Advanced settings can be modified using a programming cable that can be found under Accessories.

Motor System

The mid-drive motor constantly samples relevant information at a frequency of up to 80,000 Hz via a torque sensor and two speed sensors. The resulting data on crank torque, vehicle speed and the speed of rotation of the pedals is made available to the controller, ensuring precise control of the vehicle while achieving the highest possible efficiency. The Ultra Drive System puts the rider in complete control. In spite of a generous power output and a maximum torque of more than 160 N.m, the motor operates in virtual silence. The modular motor design and integrated controller make disassembly easier and improve service responsiveness.

Display details

The high-contrast LCD display delivers all important information at a glance and can also be read in direct sunlight without difficulty. The BAFANG handlebar controller gives good feedback, is extremely robust and easy to use. The additional output can be individually controlled by five support levels. The user interface is clearly legible and intuitive to use. This display is protected against contact and ingress of water and dirt and complies with protection class IP 65.


Integrated front light
Never ride blind again. Our bikes come with front lights integrated with the main battery of the bike
Fast charging
Our batteries charge up to 80% in just 2 hours. This means less time charging and more time riding!
Fast and Fun
Reach speeds up to 28mph (speed limited) and 36mph (off-road). More speed and more fun!
Removable battery
All our bikes have removable batteries. Each bike comes with a unique key that's necessary to unlock battery.
Mid-drive motor
Mid-drive motors are much more efficient than hub drives as they can use the bike's gears as transmission. Climb the steepest hills. Conquer anything. 
Torque and Cadence sensored
The Ultra motor has the smoothest power delivery of any bike motor in the market today. While being smooth, it also puts out more power than you ever need.
Best-in-class support
No middlemen - direct support from the manufacturer. We work with you directly to get you up and running right away. No he-said, she-said.
Leading Warranty
Limited lifetime warranty on our frames + 1 year warranty on all electronics.
Note that wear and tear is not covered under warranty.

Where will you ride the Juggernaut?


US and Canada
We offer free shipping on all our bikes across continental US and Canada.
US customers pay no duties, taxes or customs brokerage fee.
Canadian customers pay GST/HST/PST based on the province you are in.
We can ship our bikes worldwide. The shipping rates vary from $350-$600 based on where you are located. Please email us at ride@biktrix.com for exact shipping rate.



More torque than any other
Our customer Peter T decided to have some fun on a dried lake bed. Try this with any of our competitor's bikes. That will sell you one of ours!
Terry loves is Juggernaut
Listen to him yourself
Juggernauts in Iceland
Check out he beautiful terrain in Iceland!

SATIN BLACK Juggernaut Ultra 1000s have been SOLD OUT.


More arrive in May 2019.

Fat bike comparisons:

Juggernaut Classic HD Juggernaut Classic Juggernaut MX Max Juggernaut MX Ultra
Motor Bafang BBSHD 1000W  Bafang BBS02B 750W  Bafang Max 350W  Bafang Ultra 1000W
Max power from Motor 1500W 1200W 600W 1500W
Transmission Deore 10S  Altus 7S  Deore 9S Deore 9S
Battery 48V 11.6Ah 48V 11.6Ah 36V 17Ah 48V 11.6Ah 
48V 17Ah
Throttle Yes Yes No Yes
Pedal Assist (PAS) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Torque assist No No Yes Yes
Brakes Mechanical Disc Mechanical Disc Hydraulic Disc Mechanical Disc
Integrated front lights Yes Yes Yes Yes
Frame size M - 18" frame M - 18" frame M - 18" frame M - 18" frame
Aluminium Frame 6061 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Suspension Fork Yes Yes Optional Yes
Wheel Size 26" x 4"  26" x 4"  26" x 4"  26" x 4" 
Fenders Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weight 62 58 56 58

Other bikes:

Kutty MonteCapro Monte1000 Stunner StunnerLT
Motor Rear Hub drive 350W Bafang Max 350W  Bafang BBS02B 750W  Bafang BBS02 mid-motor 500W LAX geared rear-hub motor 500W
Max power from motor 500W 500W 1200W 750W 750W
Transmission Tourney 7S Deore 9S Altus 7S Shimano 3G Internally geared hub (IGH) Tourney 7S
Battery 36V 10Ah 36V 13Ah 48V 11.6Ah 36V 11.6Ah 36V 14Ah 48V 11.6Ah 48V 14Ah
Throttle Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Pedal Assist (PAS) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Torque Sensor No Yes No No No
Brakes Mechanical Disc Hydraulic Disc Mechanical Disc Mechanical Disc Mechanical Disc
Integrated front lights Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Frame size S - 16" frame M - 18" frame M - 18" frame M - 18" frame M - 18" frame
Aluminium frame Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Suspension fork No Yes Yes No No
Wheel size 20" x 1.5" 27.5" x 2.3" 27.5" x 2.3" 26" x 2.3" 26" x 4"
Fenders Yes No No Yes Yes
Weight 38 53 54 50 60