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Test ride our famous eBikes at one of our Elite Dealers across the United States and Canada. Our network of electric bike dealers offers a wide selection of Biktrix products & the highest level of customer care.

Why Choose a biktrix expert dealer?

Biktrix Expert Dealers offer a more personalized experience when shopping locally for an electric bike. This includes benefits such as seeing and test-riding multiple Biktrix eBikes and ultimately finding the right fit for you.

Additional Benefits

In-Person Services

Our expert dealers will not only help you but guide you towards your dream bike.

Handling And Care

Ride with confidence knowing your ride has been assembled and tuned by experts.

In-Store Repairs

Save on time and shipping costs by dropping off your eBike for service at a nearby location.

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Don't waste time waiting when you can grab a fully-built and inspected eBike right off the floor!

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No worries! With Biktrix, we would love to hear from you and get you started on your eBike journey using our support and team members!

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