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Stunner Step-thru
750 watts of power in a low maintenance, laid back, comfortable, low-step cruiser style bike
Starting from $2499
Stunner Step-over
750 watts of power in a low maintenance, laid back, comfortable, high-step cruiser style bike
Starting from $2499

Stunner LT
Big fat tires with a powerful 750W rear hub motor make for a cushy ride at a great price
Starting at $1999


Juggernaut Classic
The Juggernaut Classic comes with 750W - 1000W of power. These pedal assist sensor (PAS) powered bikes can easily get you up to 20mph/32kph. The PAS measures how often you pedal rather than how hard you pedal and assists accordingly. 
Starting at $2799
Juggernaut MX
The Juggernaut MX series of bikes are the most powerful torque assisted bikes in the industry. With powerful 350W-1000W motor, the MX is the ideal biker's e-bike. The motor measures how hard you pedal and helps accordingly. 
Starting at $2699
Juggernaut Ultra FS
The ULTIMATE full-suspension bike that money can buy is here. With 1000W of torque sensored power, top of the line components, no other electric bike comes close to this no-expense spared ebike.

Starting at $4399


The Kutty is one of the most nimble and portable ebike in the market today. Weighing in at just 38lbs, this Kutty is extra portable. The 500W motor offers plenty of umphh.
Starting at $1599
Kutty LT
Powered with a 48V 750W (peak) motor, this small but powerful bike can climb up anything in your way. The low step design makes it easy to get on and off the bike.
Starting at $1799


This tadpole trike is the ultimate machine for anyone who is looking for a comfortable ride that you don't need to balance. This trike is perfect for anyone that has a challenge balancing regular bikes or someone that is not as confident with a regular bike. 

from $3499
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