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Sinowatt battery - Dorado Style Case

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90-day standard warranty against manufacture defects included with battery.

You asked and we delivered. Here is an affordable, yet high performing lithium-ion battery pack that delivers a punch. With 17Ah and 21Ah capacities, you can expect long range from your ebike. 

How far can you go on a single charge? 
- The answer is, it depends. It depends on a lot of factors as covered by in their article here.
"speaking generally, I find that most 500-750W throttle e-bikes ridden at an average speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) on only slightly hilly terrain get me around 25 Wh/mi (or 15.6 Wh/km). Thus an e-bike of this style with a 480Wh battery would provide me with around 19 miles of range (480 Wh ÷ 25 Wh/mi = 19.2 miles).

Pedal assist will always be more efficient. I find that most pedal assist e-bikes ridden around 15 to 18 mph in medium levels of pedal assist will get me around 15 Wh/mi (or 9.4 Wh/km). Thus the same 480Wh battery on a pedal assist e-bike will provide me around 32 miles of range (480 Wh ÷ 15 Wh/mi = 32 miles)"

Base on this, a 21Ah battery will get you approximately 38-64 miles or 60-100km of range on a single charge and a 17Ah battery will get you approximately 33-54 miles or 53-86km of range.

Is this battery made in China?
Yes, most lithium ion batteries on ebikes are made in China as China has some of the largest supplies of raw materials needed to make these cells.

What is the life I should expect from this pack?
From our experience, these packs show about 80% original capacity after about 400-500 charge cycles. This means that if you ride 50 miles per day (per charge average of 38-64 miles/charge), you should get about 20,000 miles before needing a new replacement battery provided that the battery is not abused and is well maintained. Read about maintenance of ebike batteries here:

Why should I buy this pack over the other more expensive battery packs?
Cost and Value. This pack offers incredible value for money. This is the primary reason customers buy this battery.

Charger included with battery.

Complete Datasheet on the Sinowatt 3400mah cells can be found here: CLICK HERE