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Biktrix Dorado Battery 48V 25Ah

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Presenting the largest capacity Dorado battery on the market. Using the latest Samsung 21700 50E cells and a beastly 35A continuous load BMS, this battery pack has it all - Range, Lifespan, and Power. 

This new battery form factor fits all Biktrix bikes that use the Dorado semi-integrated battery. Please check compatibility list below to see if your bike fits this battery pack.

Configuration: 13S 5P configuration 50E 21700 Genuine Grade A Samsung cells.
1 year warranty, comes with 3A charger.

Compatibility list:


Compatible models of bikes:

☑️ Juggernaut Classic and Juggernaut HD - All versions - COMPATIBLE
☑️ Juggernaut Ultra FS - COMPATIBLE
☑️ Juggernaut Ultra 1000, Ultra 1000 Pro - All versions - COMPATIBLE
☑️ Stunner Step Over, Step Thru - COMPATIBLE
☑️ Stunner X - COMPATIBLE
☑️ Stunner LT - All versions (except pre-2018 bikes with 440mm length battery) - COMPATIBLE
☑️ Swift Step Over - All versions - COMPATIBLE
☑️ Swift Step Thru - All versions - COMPATIBLE
☑️ Skycap - All versions - COMPATIBLE

Incompatible models:
❌ Juggernaut Classic Duo, Ultra Duo, Hub Duo - NOT COMPATIBLE
❌ Juggernaut Ultra FS PRO - All numbered versions - NOT COMPATIBLE
❌ Juggernaut Ultra Beast - NOT COMPATIBLE
❌ Swift lite - all versions - NOT COMPATIBLE
❌ Kutty - All versions - NOT COMPATIBLE
❌ Moto - All versions - NOT COMPATIBLE
❌ Ultra Eagle - All versions - NOT COMPATIBLE


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    Mike D.


    48v 25ah battery arrived quickly, new condition and has long range and good power.

    Canada Canada

    Excellent battery pack, best of the Dorado of this size

    I purchased this in the winter and have only gotten out on 4 rides with it so far as I prefer to use my lower capacity 14ah cheaper battery in these harsher cold conditions. So I cant do a through review on its performance at this time but I can tell already it does have better range then my 48v21ah 18650 pack and far better consistent power (amps) when the battery levels drop lower. My longest ride with it was 70km and that used about 90% of the battery. That was with lower tire pressure about 24 psi, -10c temps, carrying a load on the rack inc rider approx 230lbs and using mostly PS 3 and some 4. In summer with higher tire pressure same assist levels I would suspect it get about 90km range out of this battery and of course further if you use lower assist levels and less weight. Another very nice new addition to this pack is the redesign of the pack. The charge port is in a better location at the top of the battery. So its further away from spray up from the tire and the rubber cap is greatly improved. Its more secure now and probably my favourite thing is its much easier to open/close the cap, the old one was so fiddly to get it to sit in right and with its position at the bottom you had to be down on one knee or bent over trying to get the damn thing in.

    Howard S.
    Canada Canada

    48v 25ah battery pack amazing

    I ride in rain, wind, high ellevations I'm a maniac on my ebike, my 48v 11.6ah could only get 30-35km max maybe 1-1.5 hours not enough for me. I needed range, range, range, to keep it going. So far I've done 60km in 2.5 hours pouring rain and windy long roads with steep elevations, it left me 25-35% remaining power, so I'm imagining if I keep the assist low even hill climbing, cold weather and wind I should get 80-100km. So awsome and seems like a great value for the money lower cost than some of the other batteries I've seen out there. I guess you could buy from Ali express but do you really know what you are getting. I deal with Biktrix only so I know for sure. Always good service and knowledgeable  staff, at the vancouver store, customer service is amazing if you have to call them. Thank you this company is a must to deal with.

    Donald G.
    Canada Canada

    25ah battery

    Everything showed up promptly and in good shape Very pleased