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Juggernaut Classic (In-stock and shipping)

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Forest Green with Black Accents
Satin Black with Orange Accent
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Here it is, the all new Juggernaut classic 2019.

Black Juggernaut Classic - almost SOLD OUT (in all battery choices)

Green Juggernaut Classic - In-stock (in all battery choices)

This 7th rev of the Juggernaut is back by popular demand brings numerous improvements like an integrated battery and motor, suspension fork and much more. Our Juggernaut was the first electric fat bike that has a custom Bafang BBS02B motor built into the frame - more ground clearance than any other BBS powered bikes.

A limited number of bikes available for sale.

Both the Juggernaut Classic variants come with throttle-on-demand and Cadence/PAS (Pedal Assist Sensor). As you pedal, the motor measures how often you're pedaling and helps you proportionally. You can boost motor performance by setting assist levels between 1 to 5 levels where level 1 gives you least assist but most range while level 5 gives you maximum assist and least range.

The mid-motor makes this bike very versatile. Swap the 26x4" wheels with 27.5x3" wheels to make it a great commuter or trail bike.