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Juggernaut Classic Duo Step-Thru Sale

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Customer Reviews

Based on 148 reviews
Jeremiah Shearer

I am happy with the bike as a whole, however the derailleur needed major adjustments. this resulted in a broken chain, repair costs, and now the bike is in the shop for a derailleur job for additional cost.

Glenn MacDonald

Very nice bike

Really, enjoy the bikes

Good range, power and comfort I think I’ll probably upgrade to a suspension seat post and I wouldn’t mind the upgraded brakes in the mountains. You get to going downhill pretty fast and I worry about overloading the brakes.

Zac Stokes
Haven't received the bike yet

I would write a review but I haven't received the bike yet. I know it's been 14 days but purolator lost the bike and apparently they found it now and shipped it out but I still haven't received it so maybe I'll update this review once I actually get the bike. Side note, biktrix support has been very helpful throughout all of this. Definitely not a knock against the company. They were very helpful. Just purolator losing the package sucked.

David McKellar