Juggernaut Ultra Duo 1 Step-Thru

Sale price CA$4,499.00
Sale price CA$4,499.00

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Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Enjoyable ride

Really enjoying my ride have only gotten bike in February. Riding only 5-10 km at a time. Shifts like a dream and all kinds of hill climbing power. Have the 4” tires they work well in snow and now it’s spring they handle well in soft ground. Disappointed in no Biktrix logo.

Ron Patrick
I did research on mid motor ebikes for months

After months of reading and watching every review on YouTube I decided on
The Juggernaut Ultra Duo 4. I was very fortunate to deal with Mark who was extremely helpful. This wasn't my first rodeo I have had 9 ebikes before getting the Juggernaut. And also having a mid motor ebikes. The process was very easy. Mark do to having to go to a show sent me to Clayton. Again Clay was very helpful and we placed the order. Now some where along the line wires got crossed and when I received the ebike , it was locked at the 20 mph . I'm not one to throw stones I contacted Mark and the programming cable is on it's way to program the Bafang M620. I went to BikTrix because I wanted a company that stands behind every ebike they sell.. And the selection these folks have is enough to keep every guys dreams. The ones with the most toys
comes to mind. These guys have every ebike for every person. I mean every
ebike. As you can tell I really enjoy ebikes , yet I also want the best my money
could buy. The quality of components are remarkable , they just don't cut corners. Don't get me wrong could I spend $10,000 on an ebike quite easily
I also would not have a home. ( My wife would kill me ) The money you will spend at BikTrix will get you the biggest bang for your buck.. Ok enough of what I think of BikTrix. Let's talk about the ebike. We ordered it on 2/13/24 took about 2.5 weeks. You see these folks assemble every ebike they sell. Say if you want a different front fork, you can get it or a bigger battery. Literally every bike you can add on's. So you are getting a custom ebike at not custom ebike prices. We decided on the Juggernaut Ultra Duo 4 now the only add on was the Armageddon head light. Now comes the really great stuff they air freighted the ebike to me, it came double boxed. ( I have 9 ebike s in a year ) only 2 came double boxed. The packing was superb and taking the bike
out box not a scratch. Assembly took us 1/2 an hour, the only down was we had to throw a charge on the battery and could not take the ebike on its maiden run. Now again the only problem was the Juggernaut to being uncorked to allow the ebike to hit 28 mph. And yes we bring our ebikes up to our quaint town hall and let folks get on the ebikes and see how much fun they are. And of course an old client of mine had an Lectric 3.0 and it went faster than the Juggernaut. No worries he will eat my dust very soon. The Juggernaut is just a pleasure to ride, the build quality is bar none terrific. Like I wrote quality of the components are excellent. I prefer a mid motor ebike and on a lot of mid motor ebikes there's always the question of getting off the gas so the motor does not tear up the chain or the cassette or worse the motor. There's a shift sensor so when you do shirt gears it backs of the motor for a second. Just another very nice feature. These guys think of everything. Am I a Happy Camper yes , will I be a really Happy Camper when I get the cable to program the M620 Bafang You Bet. Can I recommend BikTrix to you folks that's a big yes. Now one thing it's 2 days before the first day of spring. How do I know this it's the big 71 for me on the first day of spring. So if you order your ebike .Plan on waiting, and when they tell you it will take a few weeks or a month realize these folks assemble every ebike they sell.. And too all of you happy biking the worlds greatest addiction

Eldon Konschuh
Eager to setup and ride

Looking forward to a great spring of riding.
Will update you once I have the opportunity to take the bike out of the box.

Ernest Jean
Great bike so far

I purchased a juggernaut ultra duo 4 step through. It was delivered iin good shape there was only a small amount of damage to the box on very bottom.
Assembly was very easy and no adjustments have been required yet. The only problem I had was disc brake disc on front tire. The second battery box was wedged against brake disc on front tire. I have bent the disc slightly to take warp out of the disc. It still rubs so clearly needs more work. I have realy enjoyed riding again. I had bad sarcoidosis which damaged my lungs and have had cancer so having the ability to ride up hills a lot further down trails has opeded up a whole lot of freedom for me personally. It is just wonderful. I live in Northern New England so like Canada it's snow covered here. The 4" tires seem to stick to snow like velcro. I will write again in spring when I can really test it. Thank you biktrix for great product.
Ernest Jean

Tony Trenholm
Quality of product

Never used it yet quality seem ok, except for the front forks, very sloppy work on them , sort of ruined the experience of getting thr bike.