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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Kiefer Shanks
Lots of Range

I love that this battery is easy to install and gives you tons of range. I don't know if this is a legit complaint or not but you can't seem to charge the battery on the bike with one charger. I have to remove it and charge it with the second charger that the battery comes with. Not a big deal, but it would've been nice to be able to just plug in one thing to charge the whole bike. Other than that, it's a solid battery that makes your bike capable of replacing car use which is a big advantage.

Denis Dupuis
Range Extender Kit

J'aime l'autonomie de la deuxième pile, et le support et le mécanisme a clé est super bien.
Donne une Meilleur autonomie au velo

Michael Cox
You’re going to NEED it for any distance riding.

Been riding ebikes for years. Just purchased an Ultra Duo with an extender.
52v x 17.5ah main + 14ah extender. I don’t have a lot of rides in yet on this bike to confirm, but the burn rate looks to be WELL ABOVE the generally accepted rule of thumb for distance calculation of 20 watts per mile. This is even w/ street tread tires 26 x 3.5. at 38 psi. I averaged around 15w/ mile on my old bike: 48V x 17.5ah over several hundred of rides with an avg distance of 32 miles per ride. Unless you’re riding just in your local neighborhood, on short rides, you're going to need an extender. Time will tell if I should have gone with the 17.5ah extender. Liking the new bike a lot so far!!!

Excellent bike for big and tall.

I give the company 5 star, but I do recommend all rider go to your local bike shop and tryout the handlebars that comes with bike to determine if they fit. I replace my handlebars and also had to repair/replace the wires

Raymond Whiffen

Very pleased so far