26x4 CST Toboggan Studded Tire

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Sale price CA$120.00 Regular priceCA$140.00
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Increase the traction and performance of your eBike with the CST Toboggan studded tire! Great for snow, ice, cold and the thickest of winter conditions! Large spaced knobs on the tire will easily shed snow, mud and ice with the studs providing extra traction.


Price is per tire.

Technical Specifications


26 x 4


222 per tire





Bead Type

Wire Bead

Tire ISO



Bike Name Compatible
Juggernaut Classic/ Classic Duo 26x4
Juggernaut Hub Duo 26x4
Juggernaut Ultra Duo 26x4
Juggernaut Ultra FS/PRO 26x4
Juggernaut HD Limited 26x4
Stunner X 26x4
Stunner LT 26x4
Stunner Step-Over / Step-Thru
Swift Series

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jeremy Emerson
So far so good

Tires work well on ice and snow, great traction. Very satisfied!

John Murphy
Biktrix pre-studded, large knob, winter tires

Just back from a 14 mile, 3,000’ elevation gain, on a mountain gravel road, on these sticky tires. They are excellent. It was packed snow and water ice most of the way. It traced like on a rail. Can’t beat the price either, considering they come pre-studded

John Murphy
Excellent tires for ice and hard packed snow.

We ride 12 months a year thanks to studded tires. These come studded and ready to go.