Viking Gold 90 Chain Lock

Sale price CA$130.00
Sale price CA$130.00
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Introducing the Viking Gold 90 Chain Lock, the perfect security solution for your eBike! Designed with the size and strength specifically tailored for eBikes, this chain lock ensures maximum protection for your valuable electric ride. Equipped with a magnetic fixation mechanism, this lock allows for partial locking, making it easier to operate. The automotive standard cylinder offers butter-smooth, ultra-secure locking, ensuring your eBike stays right where you left it. With the auto-shutter mechanism, dust, water, and dirt are kept away from the inner parts, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. The neoprene chain sleeve is specially developed to reduce rattling and keep the lock's components dry, providing added convenience and durability.

The protective silicon shell of this lock is made of a soft polymer, offering both bike frame protection and enhanced durability. Plus, the metal parts are rust-resistant, and the plastic components are UV protected, ensuring that this lock remains in top-notch condition despite the elements. Rest assured with the ICE SPRAY certification and a 3-year free warranty, giving you peace of mind knowing that your eBike is secure. With a security scale rating of 17/18 GOLD, the Viking Gold 90

Technical Specifications


2.5 kg / 5.3 lbs

Lock Length

35.4 in / 90cm

Chain Link Thickness

10mm x 10mm

Chain Sleeve

Neoprene Material to keep chain dry

Magnetic Locking Mechanism

Enables partial locking for easier operation

Element Protection

Rust resistant metal parts, UV Protected Plastics


Bike Name Compatible
All Biktrix eBikes
Other eBikes
Other Bikes

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