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Cancy C

"It Gave Me An E-Grin From Ear To Ear."

1st ride was 20 miles from home & it gave me an E-Grin from ear to ear! With the speed, torque sensor and thudbuster, I was blown away!

Michael D

"Things Have Changed"

Los Burros road, Pacific Valley, Big Sur, CA. I tried to ride up this grade as a young flatbelly, but the best we could do was park one car at the bottom, and drive the bikes to the top. Now, things have changed.

Daird M


Being able to go faster than mosquitoes: PRICELESS!

Michael B

"The Smiles And Miles Continue."

Took my Stunner X on my first off-road ride...  The "Smiles & Miles" continue!  It was amazing! Handled the hills and bumps like a champ!

A Feeling Of Freedom

At first, Brenda was completely against the idea of an electric bike...
until she rode one for the first time.  Now, her and her husband are
riding more than ever and having a blast doing it! 

Brenda's knee injury no longer holds her back from exploring her beautiful community.  Watch the film to hear their story.

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A Swiss Army Knife of Bikes

Highly recommended if you want a Swiss Army knife of bikes! It's a beast and I enjoy it every time I ride - checks all my boxes and puts a smile on my face.

Thanks to Roshan and the team for a great package!"

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Changed My Life

"As far as I'm concerned the Biktrix Juggernaut is one of the best e-bikes you can buy. The experience matches the specs and won't disappoint. You can find cheaper bikes, but Biktrix knows what they're doing, and they're a great company to deal with both before and after purchasing. It's an awesome bike at a good price and I can't recommend it enough.

Overall I couldn't be happier I made the decision to order the Juggernaut. It hasn't been that long but it's already having a positive impact on my life."

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Based on 4405 reviews
Great set but...

Had to purchase a replacement set because one got bent due to a mishap.
Great length and less prone to pedal strikes they say.
However, Biktrix support (as good and responsive as they are) needs to NOT send a universal style puller to change these out.
It absolutely will not work on these arms and the Bafang ISIS setup!
Please stock and sell -OR- recommend the Park Tool CWP-7, it works like a charm! It has 2 interchangeable tips that go on the extruder bolt,
whereas the universal tip is much too small and doesn't press up against anything, as the spline is hollow. And the video link to lay the bike on it's side to help the universal do the job is unprofessional and an unacceptable way to do the job.
Biktrix universal on the left, Park Tool CWP-7 on the right. Happy e-Biking!

Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro 3
Christoph Gschossmann
Juggernaut fs pro 3

I love the bike lots of power and it’s a lot of fun riding

Very nice bike

Love it

Upgraded my display on my Juggernaut Classic Duo & I’m so loving it!!
Had issues with proper info showing until I realized the magnet had turned.

Dorado Batteries for Juggernaut Classic, Stunner, Swift Series

Mirror for Kutty

The mirror sits high on the handle bar and is not comfortable for me. I would prefer a mirror that attaches on the end of the handlebar!

Still havnt received will update once tested

Still havnt received will update once tested

Tej was great agent; Biktrix help less than ideal

Ten was awesome! He responded almost instantly even at 9pm. The only thing I was disappointed about was the fact that there were no instructions. I had my neighbor help me do this; without his help I would have been blind and had no idea what I was doing. We had to splice the cables to make this work which obviously isn’t ideal without instructions. Tej did say I could schedule a call, but they were booked for three weeks and only during minimal hours during weekdays.

Replacement Display????

My replacement display was quickly delivered under warranty. Easy to install, paid a reasonable shipping fee. It is working perfectly. My only question is “why did the original fail (switching back and forth to walk mode without touching anything, can be quite shocking/dangerous)?

Handlebar water bottle mount

The handlebar water bottle mount kept slipping and my bottle fell out twice, with me almost running over the bottle. I ended up having to find some screws and mounted it at the front of my bike where a basket would go.

Monte Capro Ultra 2 Fat Tire
Christoph Gschossmann
Very nice bike

We love the bike we have gone for a few rides and it work great and it is a lot of Fun

BiktrixCare+ Plans

I am very happy with my Monte Capro lite.im very pleased with the staff when answering all my question before I pay for.

Nico Bike Bell
Robert Sulte

Compact and fits well on the handlebars

Kutty LT (2018) Battery

Battery and charger arrived well packaged. Dang, they are still pricey. 1Ah smaller battery than the original but I don't notice the difference so far.

Stunner LT 7
Love the bike. The assembly materials leave much to be desired.

As stated in title. Took forever to assemble the bike because the YouTube video for the Stunner LT is outdated. The volume is super quiet in the YT video and it would be nice to have a text guide. Once assembled, I absolutely love the bike and it's been super fun to ride so far.

Kutty FS
Maxime B.
Rapport qualité prix exceptionnel!

La qualité du vélo et de ses composante est impressionnante pour le prix d’un 2 pour 1! Parfait pour une foule d’occasion et les vacances sans voyager trop lourd.

Still haven't received the bike

Still waiting for purolator to explain why they never delivered it

Battery Failure

Excellent response and follow up

Rear Axel Works great

We bought a new axel for our Juggernaut ultra and works great. The replacement doesn’t have the flip down piece on it but you don’t need it.

BIKTRIX Recommended part IS WRONG PART

Extremely unprofessional. Double-checked the Biktrix recommended replacement chain for my Stunner 6. The part arrived and it is SIX links shorter than the chain the unit shipped with.

Biktrix T Shirts
Mike Chester

Good quality

Erin the Jugger 4

Emerald Green Mountain climbing beasty. Front fender should, but doesn’t fit. The front wheel nut assembly is “sketchy.” Not beefy enough for tire size and weight of the bike. Remember; you asked.

Love the seat!

Even though I didn’t need extra wide, lmao, the seat has great shock absorption. That was what I was looking for, the most comfort that I could get.

Very brite

Great lights was surprised that my bike has brake lights great product

Battery options thoughts

To have different battery capacity would go more with a customers needs or wants or how the individual rides and where.