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Cancy C

"It Gave Me An E-Grin From Ear To Ear."

1st ride was 20 miles from home & it gave me an E-Grin from ear to ear! With the speed, torque sensor and thudbuster, I was blown away!

Michael D

"Things Have Changed"

Los Burros road, Pacific Valley, Big Sur, CA. I tried to ride up this grade as a young flatbelly, but the best we could do was park one car at the bottom, and drive the bikes to the top. Now, things have changed.

Daird M


Being able to go faster than mosquitoes: PRICELESS!

Michael B

"The Smiles And Miles Continue."

Took my Stunner X on my first off-road ride...  The "Smiles & Miles" continue!  It was amazing! Handled the hills and bumps like a champ!

A Feeling Of Freedom

At first, Brenda was completely against the idea of an electric bike...
until she rode one for the first time.  Now, her and her husband are
riding more than ever and having a blast doing it! 

Brenda's knee injury no longer holds her back from exploring her beautiful community.  Watch the film to hear their story.

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A Swiss Army Knife of Bikes

Highly recommended if you want a Swiss Army knife of bikes! It's a beast and I enjoy it every time I ride - checks all my boxes and puts a smile on my face.

Thanks to Roshan and the team for a great package!"

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Changed My Life

"As far as I'm concerned the Biktrix Juggernaut is one of the best e-bikes you can buy. The experience matches the specs and won't disappoint. You can find cheaper bikes, but Biktrix knows what they're doing, and they're a great company to deal with both before and after purchasing. It's an awesome bike at a good price and I can't recommend it enough.

Overall I couldn't be happier I made the decision to order the Juggernaut. It hasn't been that long but it's already having a positive impact on my life."

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Juggernaut Hub Duo Step-Over

Excellent customer service. Thanks

Unresolved warranty issue

I haven't had a chance to ride my bike yet due to winter conditions.
I have sent a warranty concern discovered during assembly (complete with pictures) after receiving the bike that has not been addressed by biktrix

Assembly was very easy

I received my Bike 10 day after my order. Assembly was very easy with the ‘’step-by-step’’ on the website. I like the look and the color (copper) of this bike. I am looking forward to try it. I am out of town and the trails around me hare so icy until now...

Nico Bike Bell
Robert Goldsmith
Nico Bike Bell

less than 1/2 the footprint on your handlebar compared to regular bell, a real space saver

Kutty X 2
Jeff Harper
Kutty X2 in Ontario

Quality is top shelf and if I had a suggestion for improvement, it would be to take photos of your bikes with a person in the frame (preferably the same person). In this way your customers could get a sense of how large or small the bike is that they are interested in. The Kutty X2 is much larger than I imagined, but that doesn't detract from how great the bike is.

Range Extender Kit
Kiefer Shanks
Lots of Range

I love that this battery is easy to install and gives you tons of range. I don't know if this is a legit complaint or not but you can't seem to charge the battery on the bike with one charger. I have to remove it and charge it with the second charger that the battery comes with. Not a big deal, but it would've been nice to be able to just plug in one thing to charge the whole bike. Other than that, it's a solid battery that makes your bike capable of replacing car use which is a big advantage.

Perfect Ebike for Suburbia

This is a big bike with tons of capability. I bought the additional 884Wh battery which gives the bike an almost unbelievable amount of range if you pedal as much as you can. It also adds a bit more weight which can be used as increased resistance for more exercise. This bike can be ridden reasonably well under leg power alone and it does provide a good workout. Build quality is mostly very good. I don't really enjoy the cadence control as it feels like the bike is doing too much of the work even on the low settings so I set it to 0 and only use the throttle for assistance when I need it. I also found the shifting imperfect even with the electronic interruption when changing gears. But it's nothing you wouldn't expect from a derailleur style transmission. Some skipping can occur when changing gears so to reduce the likelihood of chain damage, I tend to change gears with pedal power only and once I feel comfortable that the bike is in gear perfectly, I will add motor power. While some shifting is necessary, if you are riding on mostly flat ground and putting in effort pedalling, you could easily leave the bike in the middle gear range, only shifting into 1st for steep hills or better control off-road. I barely go above gear 7 because it seems only beneficial for gaining lots of speed down a long hill. Those high gears only seem to strain the motor too much otherwise. The regular brakes are absolutely perfect. Lots of stopping power so I have a hard time recommending the more expensive option. I like the fat tires too an run them at 18PSI because I mostly ride on the street. They have been perfect on the snow too. One thing that is a little annoying is that the main battery and second battery can't be charged with a single charger so I have to remove the second battery to charge it. But it isn't big deal, especially because the bike has so much range the way I ride I don't need to charge frequently. It definitely is nice to have tons of range. It makes this bike capable of replacing car usage which is so awesome. This is the kind of EV that is good for the environment, not electric cars. Save your money. Don't buy another car. Buy one of these bad boys instead. You won't regret it!

Love it

It’s better than I thought it would be. Regret not buying an e bike years ago. This is a great ride and will even be better when all the ice is gone!!!

Juggernaut Classic 9
Patrick Douglas
Love the bike. Support superb

I have clocked 28 miles the first week and feel like a kid again. Great workout for old man with knee surgery. Love that it rides like a real Mtn bike. Only issue is the crank arm came loose. Tightened it and after a couple mile loose again. Contacted support they requested a video and saw it was missing a part. They are sending the part and tools to fix it.

Stunner Step-Thru 6
rj schwandner
Well made bike

The shipping was on time packaging was excellent.
I talked to Mathew in service and parts in which he had excellent knowledge, and I had the information I needed promptly.
This is the bike that I have been wanting mid drive 750 W good amp hour battery, internal rear hub gearing.
What’s not to like about the bike ( nothing ) .
Great bike.

Skycap 2
Rob Cleveland
Looks like it will be a great bike for us!

Bike arrived super quick, very well packaged and easy to put together …looks great, seems well built and can’t wait to get it out once the weather is nicer.

Just assembled today

Hi there, I’m very excited about my new bike. I assembled and took it for a very brisk Canadian winter ride and she works great so far. I am however, disappointed with the delivery aspect. Purolator kept the bike there for at least 5 days stating that the package was too heavy. They did not contact me and were not able to give a delivery date when I contacted them. Ultimately I became frustrated and drove into Kingston to retrieve it myself. A+ bike so far, F for purolator. I know you can’t do anything about that, but I would suggest airing your disappointment in their service.

Canvas Pannier Bags
William Beardslee

Bag did not fit the bike frame. Sad !

Stunner LT 6 Large
Kathleen Banker
Sturdy, large bike.

When I received my order I was so excited. It was everything I was looking for and more. I was very pleased with the size and build of the bike. I’m a taller woman and have a hard time getting a bike in my size. I looked at electric bikes for months looking for the perfect bike….this was it.

Unfortunately the battery was cracked. It was a whole process to get a new one. When I received the new battery and charger, the charger does not properly work.


I Love/Hate my Juggernaut Ultra Duo

I settled for a Juggernaut Ultra Duo with a Step-Thru frame to get my bike a little quicker. I purchased it through an Indiegogo campaign and initially ordered a step over but thought it would be nice with the ease of getting on and off, especially for an older fellow like me. Unfortunately I've had nothing but weird issues with it since delivery. Less than 200 miles since I first received it end of winter 2020. There were immediate issues with the speed sensor magnet and its spoke contact point. Then numerous PAS problems requiring all kinds of emails to Biktrix. I had to push unusually hard on the crank to get anything in return equaling the selected mode. They sent me a throttle and a display in attempt to solve the issues which I somehow imagined it worked a little better after installing them. I really didn't know what to expect with the bike's performance to begin with. This past summer after not riding the bike for a few months being away, the PAS was suddenly non existent and it only had throttle response. Contacted Biktrix and set up an another video chat and using a phone tripod to demonstrate to the technician on the call that the PAS was indeed not working.
They agreed to have me send the motor to them and suggested I find an e-bike shop to have the work done.
Thankfully I found a e-bike manufacturer about an hour away from home. Had the motor removed and shipped it to Biktrix. Upon their inspection they replaced the torque sensor and possibly the controller. This all wound up costing me well over $600.00 total by time it was all said and done. I got very disgusted with it all and reluctantly left Biktrix a two star review, just recently. The owner Roshan Thomas completely whitewashed everything I tried to say in reply and even claimed they sent me instructions how to remove the motor myself with three little bolts! I happen to be very handy with tools, was an engineer on a US destroyer and even built several of my own motorized bikes over the years. I would have gladly saved myself the money and time if Biktrix offered me that choice they made seem too delicate for me to do. They even suggested at first "I find a box" and send the entire bike to them in Canada, and of course at my expense! They certainly never said anything of the sort about me removing the motor myself.
Said I was too hard to please and that I had unrealistic expectations. Ultimately accused me of ruining the motor "being in the wrong gear".
He compared it to driving a Porsche and winding it out at top speed in the wrong gear until motor failure. The irst time I rode it I had to learn to start off in a higher gear and shift being mid-drive. These invaluable instructions did not come with the bikes delivery or by email if that could have possibly been the problem.
I felt Biktrix could have easily absorbed the motors cost of repair instead of charging me $200US for the motor's premature failed parts which I truly believe (without any doubt) came with some poor quality control issues from Bafang in China. Parts are parts and sometimes they just fail. The M620 Ultra is pretty much a proven powerhouse. I came no where near being able to push it hard enough for what they claimed happened to it.
It was bad enough just getting the beast of an 80+ lb. bike to Chicago and paying them $400 just to remove the motor and replace it after it was fixed. I was also reminded how I got a "huge discount" because I bought the bike on the campaign. I was treated like I should settle for the problems because I got a discount and to just go on and be grateful....Thankfully my bike is finally fixed I believe, however I'm still waiting for warmer weather to take it out long enough to know for absolute sure. Now after the motors repair, when I push on the crank the bike responds like it's suppose to in whatever mode is chosen. It never responded like that before, so I know it had something happening to it before it's questionable I year warranty "conveniently expired".
My wife and I have had two Rad Power bikes for many years now and we have never had one problem with either of them. However, they are hub drive and not near as complicated nor as fragile as the Juggernaut seems to be...
I just wished Biktrix owner would have seen the opportunity to be more considerate of my problems that were no fault of my own instead of focusing on trying to make a concerned customer look like some inconsiderate moron.
I wound up removing my review from Biktrix website as it wasn't going to do any good, especially after the owners BS convincing reply. And I'm not sure if my energy spent here will do any good either, however I believe more people should take their time to express an honest review and perhaps help others make better decisions on a product or a company whether good or bad... My advice to anyone concerned here is to buy from a reputable e-bike company you can trust and one that is as close to home as possible. Peace & Happy Riding!

Hi Nick, your review was completely one sided on Google and I added complete timeline of events based on the numerous conversations that you've had with my team. Here you are again, trying to put in a review that is completely based on what you feel happened than what actually happened. The one thing you did get right in your latest review is 'the first time I rode it I had to learn to start off in a high gear and shift being a mid-drive. These invaluable instructions did not come with the bikes delivery ... that could have been the problem'. This ABSOLUTELY is a major factor in what caused the problems. Sorry that we don't send instructions with the bike on how to use bike gears. There are 100s of videos on how to remove a Bafang M620 motor off a bike on youtube and our support site (support.biktrix.com). You claim that we didn't offer to ask you if you were capable of doing that. Unfortunately, we have no idea what the technical expertise of each customer is. We tried to find the easiest solution for you - finding an expert to help. End of the day, I apologize if your expected level of service wasn't met. We did certainly try our best to help you.

- Roshan

As much as I wish that you had this conversation one-on-one with me via email, I have to leave a public reply here so that your review is not one sided.

Just for context for anyone else reading, here is a copy of my reply to your original review:
Hi Nick,
Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. I’d like to clarify a few items that you’ve mentioned above that are not factual.
First: yes, you backed an Indiegogo campaign in December and received your bike earlier than promised in February. You contacted us on Feb 24 stating that you were disappointed with the range that you were getting on your bike. Our support staff Ricky walked you through what you need to do to achieve advertised range. This included checking the voltage of the battery, making sure that it’s charging and balancing properly. This conversation(back and forth email support ended Feb 25).

On Mar 22, you emailed us again stating that your brother bought the same bike and he’s also having range issues. Our support staff Ryan phoned you and talked to your brother and explained how the motor efficiency drops substantially if gears were used improperly, etc.

On 4 October, you emailed us on behalf of your brother saying that his pedal assist isn’t working and that he’s very irate. Then on 5 Oct, you emailed that your bike is showing an issue where the pedal assist isn’t working. Our agent Tej asked you some basic debugging questions to eliminate brake cutoffs (common suspect) and display from the issues. Upon asking you these questions, you sent photos of the display showing error 4 and error 21. Error 4 is throttle related and error 21 is speed sensor related. He asked you to disconnect/reconnect the throttle and see if error 4 goes away and sent you instructions on adjusting the speed sensor for error 21. Note that both these errors can clause intermittent pedal assist issues. He then asked you to book a video call to further debug. Then you emailed back saying the bike was working fine now (with throttle disconnected)and if anything needed to be done for the error codes. Newton sent out a replacement throttle for free under warranty.

You then emailed us on 7 Oct stating that your brother had err 21 on his bike and if he needed to replace the sensor. Newton advised you too ask him to check the magnet alignment on the wheel which is the most common issue that causes error 21. Then you emailed saying that you shimmed out the sensor on your bike and error 21 seems to have gone away.

On Oct 12 you emailed back saying error 21 didn’t go away on yours and your brothers bike. So we sent out replacement speed sensors and displays to both of you.
Then you worked with one of our support staff again and we sent out a main wiring harness. Then on Oct 29, 2021 you said everything worked fine.

Then on Nov 2 2022: you emailed saying you’re continuing to have issues. At this point, we asked you to remove the motor and send it back to us. Motor is bolted on to the bike with 3 bolts. We sent you instructions on how to take that off and send it to us.

On Nov 29, 2022: we sent you an authorization to send the motor back again as you hadn’t sent it yet. On Nov 30th you emailed saying you paid a different company to remove the motor etc.

Once we got the motor we figured out that your controller was damaged due to excess heat. This usually happens when the wrong gears are used to ride the bike. Eg. Driving a Porsche at top rpm on the wrong gear will cause motor/transmission premature wear. We quoted you a discounted rate of $235 for the controller and said that we’ll cover labor under warranty. Even though your warranty expired well almost a year prior. After going back and forth for a few emails you eventually paid for the controller work to be done. We completed this promptly and sent back the motor as promised.

Now, here we are in Jan 2023 and you leave us a 2* review with a lot of one sided info that’s not representative of the whole story. Since I’ve now added colour to the story, any reader should be able to see that we really did our best to support you. We’ve sent out hundreds of dollars worth of parts. Even though your bike was an indiegogo purchase which only came with a 90day parts warranty (in exchange for the huge discount you bought the bike at), we continued to support you for 2 whole years.

Some people are just hard to please. We’re sorry that we couldn’t meet your unrealistic expectations.
Yes, we have 15 bad reviews of the 15,000+ bikes that we’ve sold. Go figure.

Excellent Bike

This bike has better design which makes it feel like riding a normal bike. The motor is more efficient which means it can go a little bit further with the same battery.

Not very organized…

Good afternoon - I am super happy with the product - but it took me over a week to get it assembled and confident on how to operate it. What I was not happy with - was the way things transpired once I got the bike. To start - the bike didn’t come with any kind of booklet / owners manual / etc. It didn’t even come with directions / links to show how to put ot together. I purchased all the extra addons from you guys the aftermarket seat / seat post / wasn’t even installed. Also - what made things worse is that the wren fork was installed but the carbon protection guards along with all hardware was still in the packaging. Why didn’t you finish it he install? I had to email support a tons of times to get some direction on what I needed to do. They did finally send me some pictures / and URL’s to help at the end but at that point I was already frustrated and spent hours trying to figure it out. A simple install booklet/directions for my exact bike would have solved all my frustrations and then an owners manual to include all knowledge areas of the bike would have been great. I didn’t even know how to charge it or operate the onboard computer. . I still don’t know how to remove the battery / what the 3 prong outlet on the bottom of the frame is? Having a customer request all of this after the fact seems ridiculous and unorganized. More proactive customer support planning would be have been a huge advantage. I expected to open the box and have a set of documentation to include a complete step by step assembly instructions for my exact bike. And a complete owners manual - how to use everything on the bike. Doesn’t seems to much to ask for paying $6k on a bike.

Juggernaut Ultra Beast
Lon Sutherland

I haven't been able to ride it or it take me for a spin. 2 foot of snow here in Wisconsin looking forward to the first chance.

Challenger 2
Stephen Narron
Looking very "5 Star"!!

Need more time, but looking very "5 Star" promising!!

Stunner LT 6 Large
Judy Oswald
Stunner bike

Brake cable broke when riding it in the first hour.
Couldn’t find a spacer for stem in delivery box.
Seat wouldn’t stay tightened.

Hi Judy, we recommend you have the bike checked at a bike shop. The brakes on your bike are hydraulic and have no cables to break.
Stem spacer is certainly in the box/on the bike. Seat should stay tightened if the seat clamp is tightened properly. We can credit you $50 so that you can use it at a bike shop to make sure your bike is assembled properly.

Kutty X 2
John sexsmith

Picked up the bikes the day before we left for Xmas. Just got home. Haven't even opened the boxes yet. 2.5 feet of snow won't be riding till spring.

Monte Capro Lite
Kenneth Baker
Beyond Expectations

I've owned a Juggernaut Ultra FS for a while and love the bike. I saw Biktrix's end of year discounts and decided ot add a Monte Capro Lite. I have less that 100 miles on the MC Lite, but so far I am extreamly pleased. I have been riding on 4" tires for so long that riding this bike with it's knobby 3" tires is like suddenly having power steering. And the suspension really smooths out the bumps and tree roots on my ride. The bike is gorgous standing still and so much fun to ride,

A good ebike from a good company!

The Juggernault Classic Duo is my first ebike. It is well made and can be customized as my needs change. I have only ridden the bike a few times but my initial impressions are the motor has plenty of power and the ride is smooth and comfortable. I like the fact that Biktrix is a Canadian company and the owner/CEO is actively engaged on Facebook. I am confident that the Juggernault Classic Duo will prove itself to be reliable and durable and, more importantly, if I run into any issues with my Juggernault that Biktrix will work with me towards resolving them.

Have not received my bike yet.

Although you claim you have fulfilled my order from your store, I have yet to receive my E Bike.

Hi Todd, apologies for the misunderstanding. Fulfilled simply means we shipped the item and sent you the tracking number. It doesn't mean it was delivered to you. You can track the progress of the shipment with the tracking number that's on the email that you received with the fulfillment notification.