91 Years Young

91 Years Young

“Every senior should have one like this.” 

Henry Gilbertson, at 91 years of age, is still riding strong, thanks to his e-bike. When he found that a normal bike proved somewhat difficult, (“Going up Broadway against the wind was tough,”) he changed to a Stunner step-thru from Biktrix.

When asked if his bicycle was heavy for him, the 91-year-old, gleaming, stated “not at all!” He went on to say multiple times that “every senior should have one like this.”

He rides it every day - sometimes even twice a day.

Thank you, Henry Gilbertson, for the time, the kind words, and the example you set by staying independent, proud, and fit with your Stunner step-thru! You sure show those younger guys a thing or two about how to take pleasure in riding more.

Click HERE to be like Henry, and grab a Biktrix Stunner Step-Thru, yourself!

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