A Call to Action: Stand with Biktrix in a Time of Need

A Call to Action: Stand with Biktrix in a Time of Need

Imagine waking up one day to find that something you’ve poured your heart, soul, and a whole lot of sweat into has just vanished overnight.

That’s exactly what happened to us at Biktrix Electric Bikes.

I'm Roshan Thomas, the founder of Biktrix Electric Bikes. Our journey began in a humble garage in 2014, fueled by a dream and an unyielding determination to revolutionize how we move.

Today, Biktrix stands tall with 50 dedicated employees, three vibrant showrooms across the nation, and over 20,000 lives changed through the power of electric biking.

But, I’ve got to tell you, something pretty shocking happened just yesterday.
A 40 ft green container filled with our latest masterpiece, the Juggernaut FS St, plus a few prototype bikes we’re cooking up for 2025 was brazenly stolen from our Delta, BC warehouse.

This container wasn't just metal and contents;  This container was like a treasure chest of our dreams, our entire team's hard work and considerable market value worth $1M—comprising all of our savings.

The theft was executed with alarming precision. Two individuals cased our warehouse under the cover of night, breaking the lock on the container trailer. They returned later with a semi truck, branded with "Ryder," and disappeared into the night, taking our dreams with them.

This loss is more than financial.

It's a stark reminder of the challenges businesses face in an increasingly uncertain world. Our insurance, meticulously arranged to protect us from sea to shore, fell short at the final hurdle, leaving us in a precarious position as we navigate the complexities of insurance policies and the hope for coverage by our 3PL's insurance.

The response from law enforcement, though earnest, is hampered by limitations and priorities that leave us with little hope for recovery based on their investigation alone. There was a similar event that happened to another BC business back in 2022, where thieves took off with 4 containers of appliances worth $370k and though the containers and trailers were found stranded in random places across BC, the contents were never to be found. The culprits were arrested and released with a court date and they have gone MIA to date. More on that here

Finding out that the police couldn’t even get traffic cam footage without a more serious crime being involved was a tough pill to swallow. This is so much unlike what would transpire in other countries where theft and crime is treated much more seriously. I am not keeping my hopes high on the police finding our bikes.

This situation has been a gut punch. So, here’s where I’m turning to you – our readers, supporters, and friends.

Our Juggernaut FS ST bikes aren’t just any bikes; they stand out; they’re like nothing else out there. If they start popping up, they’ll be hard to miss.

We’re not just asking you to keep an eye out. We’re inviting you to be part of this incredible community effort. Every time you share this story, chat about it, or keep an eye peeled, you’re helping us inch closer to getting back what we’ve lost and proving that when it comes to theft and setbacks, we stand strong, together.

We're determined not to let this set us back. Instead, we're using it as fuel to push harder, innovate more, and keep believing in what we do.

Please, spread the word. Thanks for listening and thank you again for your ongoing support. Let’s show the world that when we come together, we light up the darkest nights.



Roshan Thomas

CEO and Founder,

Biktrix Electric Bikes




Delta police case number:  DE24-4794; Delta Police phone:  (604) 946-4411

Time and Date of incident: 19th March 2024, 1:03AM

Location: Audley BLVD, Delta BC

How do you identify the bikes?

Serial numbers: BK2CE30001
 - BK2CE30140

The look like this: Notice the unique looking step thru frame with a rear suspension. More images here: 



Some footages:
Thieves pulling up with a stolen Semi and taking the trailer:


Images of the stolen trailer:

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