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Whether you're an urban commuter, a long-distance tourer, or an off-road adventurer, our collection offers a range of high-performance motors, controllers, and electronic accessories to enhance your ride and propel you to new heights.
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Bafang Programming Cable
Sale priceCA$40
Dorado Battery Lock and Key
Sale priceCA$30
Bafang Gear Sensor
Sale priceCA$40
Bafang 3-pin Y-Splitter
Sale priceCA$19.99
Speed Sensor Magnet
Sale priceCA$10
BBS02 BBSHD Umbilical
Sale priceCA$65
Ultra Motor UART Umbilical Cable
Sale priceCA$40
Bafang BBS02 BBSHD Speed Sensor
Sale priceCA$20
Bafang Ultra UART Speed Sensor
Sale priceCA$20
Swift torque sensor
Sale priceCA$130
Half Twist Throttle w/grips
Sale priceCA$50
Bafang Ultra UART torque sensor
Sale priceCA$200
Challenger Twist Throttle
Sale priceCA$68
Swift SO Bottom Bracket Torque Sensor
Sale priceCA$160
LAX 48V 500W Hub Motor
Sale priceCA$450
Shengyi 48V 500W Hub Motor
Sale priceCA$430
Shengyi 52V 750W Hub Motor
Sale priceCA$400
Bafang 48V 500W Hub Motor
Sale priceCA$450
CZLD 48V 500W Hub Motor in 29" Wheel
Sale priceCA$325
Battery Release Knob - Kutty X
Sale priceCA$10
CZJB 36V 350W Hub Motor
Sale priceCA$260
BBS02 BBSHD Umbilical Extension cable
Sale priceCA$35