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Whether you're a road cyclist, mountain biker, or a commuter, our collection offers a diverse range of brake options to suit your riding style and terrain.
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Loam Goat Dual Piston Brake Pads
Sale priceCA$20
Magura Brake Pads
Sale priceCA$55
Tektro E725/E730 Brake Pads
Sale priceCA$25
Dederlo 01D Brake Pads
Sale priceCA$13
Biktrix Brake Bleeding kit
Sale priceCA$30
Brake Fittings - 5.5mm Tektro
Sale priceCA$13
Rotor Set 180mm
Sale priceCA$50
Rotor Set 203mm
Sale priceCA$60
Rotor Set 160mm
Sale priceCA$50
Brake Fittings - Magura
Sale priceCA$30