Armageddon Headlight F.A.Q.

Armageddon Headlight F.A.Q.


Biktrix Armageddon Light FAQ

What is it?

Developed in-house by Biktrix, the Armageddon Light is a powerful upgrade that replaces the stock headlight on the bike.

What does it do?

This replaces the stock 100 lumen headlight with a larger, brighter headlight with a 2000 lumen output!

How does it work?

This headlight is integrated into the bike and is operated in the same way as the stock bike headlight.

How can I get the Armageddon Light?

Simply apply the headlight upgrade to your bike as you build your order and Biktrix will install the headlight before shipping it out to you!

How do I install the light?

Currently we do not offer this headlight for end-user installation – it can be a tricky installation process! In the future, a new version will be released that supports post-bike purchase user installation!

How long will it last?

The Armageddon Light LEDs are rated for 50 000 hours, providing long-lasting performance! For example, if you ride for 2 hours a day, every day, with the Armageddon headlight on, the LEDs will last over 60 years!

Where does the Armageddon Light go on my bike?

In most cases the Armageddon Light will mount in the exact same location as the stock headlight does!

Can I freely swap between my Armageddon headlight and the Stock Headlight?

You are unable to easily swap between the Armageddon Headlight and the stock Biktrix headlight.


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