Biktrix Moto Included in Best eBikes Ranking

Biktrix Moto Included in Best eBikes Ranking
The good folks at recently compiled a list of the best eBikes at different price levels. We’re humbled (but not surprised) to see our Biktrix Moto included in their rankings! Here’s what the article had to say:

“There’s a lot to like about the Biktrix Moto electric moped. Near the top of the list though has got to be the dual batteries. There’s a single battery option, but the dual battery option doubles the range up to a maximum of 100 miles.

Even with just one battery, the high capacity of 1,008 Wh makes these some of the biggest batteries in the e-bike industry. Combine that with a high power motor, tall handlebars, and a long bench seat, and you’ve got a seriously fun electric moped.

It doesn’t slouch on components either. The lighting is ultra bright and it features other nice parts like powerful hydraulic disc brakes and an included rack/fender setup.”

Thanks to Micah from Electrek for the mention and positive review. Order your Biktrix Moto from our website today, or contact your closest showroom or dealer to arrange a test ride!


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