Canada Shipping Update

Canada Shipping Update

Hello Biktix family, 

In an effort to keep our customers informed, we have a shipping update for you. As some may know, we get our stock shipped to us via the international port in Vancouver Canada where everything goes through customs before being transferred to our port warehouse facility in Delta BC. 

Once at Delta, we need to move stock inland to our headquarters in Saskatoon SK to complete the fulfillment process. 

We are currently experiencing a bit of a delay with our stock making the trip from Delta to Saskatoon, which is in turn cause some shipping delays on some orders. 

The trucking industry in Canada has been grappling with a driver shortage over the past several months, making it difficult to book transportation for our stock. We have had a few transfers cancelled last minute on us due to this shortage. 

We are working hard to find a workable solution in order to get things back on track, and have been informed that our most recent shipment is now on its way to us!

You may see longer than anticipated fulfillment timelines, but rest assured, our team is doing everything possible to fulfill order as efficiently as possible. 

We will continue to post updates to keep you informed.

Thank you for patience and understanding as we navigate this evolving situation. 

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