Dealer Spotlight: Indian Head Chrysler

Dealer Spotlight: Indian Head Chrysler

Located 69 kilometres east of Regina along the Trans-Canada Highway, you'll find the welcoming community of Indian Head, Saskatchewan. Next time you're in the area, stop in to see Joshua Norman and the team at Indian Head Chrysler to view the selection of Biktrix eBikes! Read on to learn about their experience since becoming a Biktrix dealer.

Who: Joshua Norman | General Manager | Indian Head Chrysler

Where: Indian Head, Saskatchewan


Q: Why do you think eBikes are the future?

A: When you look at a bicycle, very little has changed over the last couple hundred years. That is until eBikes came on the scene! It has totally revolutionized travel and commuting, along with opening up the joys of biking to many people who may not have been able to bike before.

Q: What makes Biktrix eBikes ideal for your customers?

A: These eBikes are SOLID! Along with the great service and fantastic selection, their online platform makes it easy to consult with customers and complete their orders right away. Also, the fact that Biktrix is based in Saskatchewan makes it even better to support a local Saskatchewan company.

Q: How has selling Biktrix eBikes impacted your business?

A: Selling Biktrix eBikes has greatly increased floor traffic, especially with customers who we may never have seen before because they drive other brands of vehicles. Having people in the showroom of any business naturally generates more interest and fun for the company.

Q: What are the customer impressions you hear? 

A: Overall, everyone is very satisfied with their purchases. We were surprised by how many people would come in and buy two (one for themselves and one for their spouse)! We have had very few issues and for everything that did come up, Biktrix was able to help us through quite easily.

Q: What would you tell someone who is looking to sell Biktrix bikes?

A: JUST DO IT! You will not beat the quality, support, and selection. We have not had one upset customer with their purchase even after dozens and dozens of sales.

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