Juggernaut Ultra Beast 2 - Shipping Update

Juggernaut Ultra Beast 2 - Shipping Update

Hello Future Ultra Beast Rider, 

Hope you’re having a great day. Unfortunately, we have to be the bearers of not-so-good news: We have just received some updated information from our shipping partners. Our shipment that includes the Juggernaut Ultra Beast 2 is now on track to reach the port around Dec 15th. This was originally supposed to be here Nov 30th. 

Once it is at the port it will still need to clear customs, which can take 3 days (most common) or 3+ weeks (pretty rare). 

Then it will need to make its way from our port facilities in Delta BC to our HQ in Saskatoon. This process is currently seeing severe shipment delays due to the recent winter storms that washed away several highways connecting the Vancouver area to the rest of Canada. 

With all this in mind, we are now looking at a January fulfillment timeline for the Ultra Beast 2.

We are doing our best to mitigate any delays within our control and will continue to keep folks up to date on any future timeline changes via our blog

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support!

-The Biktrix team. 

Was your Ultra Beast 2 meant to be a Christmas gift?

While we won’t be able to get it under the tree, we have created a card you can tuck in a stocking. Download here.

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