Electric Bike Replacement Charger

Sale price$75.00
Estimated to be shipped in 6-7 business days


Fit Biktrix integrated batteries and kit batteries with DC charging ports. Contact support for other models. 

See this link for information on the charger pin that you will need.

Note:  Replacement chargers are interchangeable only with the same voltage of the battery 52V charger will not work with a 48V charger or vice versa. Actual product may vary from the photo.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Donald McIntyre
New charger

I knew where I stored the bike but hadn’t been as careful with the battery charger. Biktrix promptly fulfilled my order for a new charger so I could get on the road without much delay.


Why have a retail location if it does not sell any biketrix related items ... You have to order online to receive the item 7days later.... it's like you ask a question in a foreign language when interacting with sales people and its like there all trained to redirect you to website which is pointless... you can't buy the bikes there or buy any accessories chargers or recieve any help.... Paid way more for the bike than anywhere else with mediocre performance and upsetting battery life ... my suggestion shop around and maybe save 1500$ and get something else.... not impressed

Adam Gagnon


Larry Wilkinson
Like it

Works great

douglas hurst
Battery Charger joy!!!

Being the one man band of cats that I am, I misplaced my battery charger. Biktrix support was great asked me the correct questions about my bike and battery, then shipped the replacement charger. No hitches, no fuss.

I could use more of this in my day.

Cheers Doug