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Sale price CA$129.00
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
daniel scolnick
Great Value, Great Function

The elastomer crane creek seatpost is extraordinary. i'll never want a bike without a suspension seatpost again. the fenders are full fenders and extremely functional and the armageddon headlight is very good.

William Corwin

My Bike arrived that seemed to be hastily assembled.
1. The back fender rattled from the screws being loose. It wasn’t easy for me to reach them to tighten them as I don’t have special tools.
2. The front fork was rattling and loose. I couldn’t seem to be able to tighten it. After taking it to a shop they showed that me I had to loosen some of the other screws first before I could tighten the main bolt on the fork. Because I didn’t know about that I wrote the bike for several weeks which probably didn’t help the wear and tear on it.
In conclusion, maybe Biktrix could have a better quality control system. Thanks for asking! 👍😊

Thomas Losch

Commuter Package

HD is OK

I like the bike, but there is one major issue preventing me from giving it five stars. The bike has the cadence option installed. Power to the motor is dependent on bike speed when pedeling. The faster the bike goes, the more power to the motor. No matter which pedal assist, there is no power to the motor when you begin pedaling from a stop. It is difficult to start the bike moving and little power goes to the motor until the bike reaches about 15 kmh or 10 mph. This issue can case the bike to stall and fall over on a trail when you need to go slow before a sharp turn, then up a hill. This issue can be somewhat mitigated using the throttle. Significantly more power is needed to the motor to assist in moving the bike from a start.