Heavy Duty Clamp-On Kickstand

Sale price CA$30.00
Sale price CA$30.00
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Heavy duty clamp-on kickstand for Biktrix eBikes with an adjustable height. Clamps to the bike's chain stay for a solid fit.

Recommended replacement for bikes with a center mount kickstand.

Note: Using this kickstand as a replacement for a 2-bolt, chainstay-mounted kickstand may not be possible depending on the bike frame.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Rae Patrucha
Heavy Duty Clamp-On Kickstand

Very disappointed in this kickstand.
I had chatted with a staff member at Biktrix to ensure that this kickstand would work with my Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3 (which I was assured it would).
Unfortunately the kickstand does not fit securely at any point on the frame of the bike. The place where it fits the most securely blocks the backward rotation of the pedal and crank, and when I was told by Biktrix to instead install the kickstand as far back as possible on the frame I can not also attach my bike trailer as the kickstand blocks the arm for the trailer.
I wish it were possible to replace the kickstand with the original one the bike came with as it worked beautifully and was very sturdy.

Douglas Evans
Replacement Kickstand

Poor experience. Original kickstand lasted less than 100 miles: poor design, cheap pot metal casting. Replacement was ridiculously expensive and fits poorly requiring shims.

Stephen Micaelo
Doesn't fit well

The kickstand doesn't fit tight on the juggernaut.Will be removing when i start to ride again when it cools down abit

Allen Kraus

It is working fine but did not fit the jug out ultra FS is good as the one that came with it have to use extra rubber to get it to tighten up good

Bill Gulka
Kick stand

It works but it’s not a great fit on the frame. Shimming it helps but it’s still flex’s too much.