Monte Capro Ultra

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Experience extreme off road performance from the stiff carbon fiber full suspension frame and the powerhouse Bafang Ultra motor to conquer trail effortlessly

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Sale price CA$0.00
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✔️ ​1000W Bafang Ultra Mid-drive Motor
​✔️ ​160Nm of torque for easy to moderate hills
​✔️ 280lb load capacity
​✔️ ​On-Demand throttle makes pedaling optional
​✔️ ​Torque and Cadence sensor makes pedal assist smooth and powerful
✔️ ​Includes 48V 17.5Ah 840Wh battery + charger

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Christoph Gschossmann
Very nice bike

We love the bike we have gone for a few rides and it work great and it is a lot of Fun


Love my monte capro lite, is the best buy ever. I ride my new Red STALLION. 3 hours every day. love the suspension . love every single inch on this bike. if any body have any complain about this stallion. is because Do NOT know anything about EBIKES,, STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.
PS. store staff were veryhelpful answering all my questions before i pay for the bike. I thank you guys for your time

Ricky Campbell
Monte capro lite.

First the color blue is great picture online doesn’t give it the justice. Second the bike performance was great for the first 30 mile then the cadence stop working and the torque sensor stopped also only the throttle worked. I ended up backing off the brake sensors and that solved the problem. Next the 650 spring is made for a person over 200 lbs. the ride with that spring for me sucks. I’m 137 lbs. But I have 55 mile on it now all single tracks with roots and rocks.the shifting wasn’t quite right also but went to my local bike shop they readjusted it and help me to find a spring for my weight spring size 350 for the first test coming in on Friday this week once this is done should be much better. But all in all the bike is fantastic very happy with it oh I did change out the handle bars they were to narrow for my taste.

Awesome Bike

Met all expectations. I took this on some pretty steep downhill single tracks and it took everything I put it through. Breaks are spot on and the suspension really soaks up the terrain. Highly recommended and good value for what you get.

Joel Walker
Monte Capro Ultra is amazing!

Couldnt be happier with this great bike. Biktrix sales were great to work with and helping me put together a 2 bike deal ( Juggernaut classic )
4 months of regular use on Monte Capro and all components, functions and power working great. Yes, the carbon fibre battery cover does not seal perfectly ( I run a thin strip of electrical tape around lower edges if expecting wet conditions) There are always trade offs and I still believe this bike offers great value and quality. This is some pretty cutting edge stuff for the marketplace. Alternative bikes are both considerably more expensive and have much less power (Bosch).