Range Extender Kit for Duo Series

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This sleek external battery is a secondary battery on the Juggernaut Duo series bikes along with the Juggernaut FS Pro 2/3. Use this battery if you want to ride even further than you can with just the internal hidden battery! A high-quality design and many power options provide reliable power and range to extend your ride!

Note: This battery has 3 different case heights - the larger 17Ah and 21Ah models may not fit smaller Step-Over frame sizes. Consult the pictures here for battery height and notes below for frame size compatibility.

Compatibility Notes:

(1) 52V16Ah / 52V17Ah Batteries incompatible with 17" Medium Frame
(2) 52V19Ah / 52V21Ah Batteries incompatible with 17" Medium Frame
(3) 52V16Ah / 52V17Ah Batteries only compatible with 20" XL Frame
(4) 52V19Ah / 52V21Ah Batteries only compatible with Large Size Frame


    Note: If you have a Juggernaut Duo Series bike you will need a Range Extender plate to connect your battery to the bike - consult this guide if you need help determining which type is on your bike!

    Wondering about the brand options and what to pick between Top Brand and OEM/Sinowatt? Take a look at this FAQ for some information!


    Bike Name 52V13Ah / 52V14Ah 52V16Ah / 52V17Ah 52V19Ah / 52V21Ah
    Juggernaut Hub Duo SO / ST
    Juggernaut Classic Duo Step-Over (1)
    Juggernaut HD Duo
    Juggernaut Classic Duo Step-Thru
    Juggernaut Ultra Duo 2 Step-Over (2)
    Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3 Step-Over (3)
    Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3 Step-Thru
    Juggernaut Ultra Duo 4 Step-Thru
    Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro 2 (4)
    Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro 3
    Juggernaut Ultra Eagle (4)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Wayne Mulder


    Lucien Cortez

    WoW it’s great no more range anxiety

    George Parkson
    Nice addition

    The main battery gets good mileage, however I would suggest going with the extender. It fits nicely and can still use the step thru.

    Adam Gagnon

    Excellent customer service. Thanks

    Robert DenHerder