Smile Wheel Bike Stand

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The Smile Bike Stand is a great tool to hold your bike in place when you aren't riding it! This bike stand can help prevent scratched walls from leaning your bike against them and prevent mess and clutter in your garage or home.

Constructed from black plywood to protect the bike stand from mud and rubber while adding a feeling of cleanness to the stand. The finish also makes the stand suitable for indoor and outdoor usage!

The stand can be assembled and disassembled in one minute! This is great if you want to store it while not in use!


Wheel Diameter  24', 26', 27.5'
Wheel Width

1.8" to 4.0"


Technical Specifications:

  • Bike Weight Limit: 30kg/66lbs
  • Product Weight: 1.6kg/3.5lbs
  • Assembled Dimensions: 600mm x 480mm x 270mm / 23.6" x 18.9" x 10.6"

Assembly Instructions can be found here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Neil Mckinnon
Great product

Good looking stands

Mark Watts
Yes, a big smile on the garage now!

This is a clever and simple snap together floor rack with no hardware to get lost or screw together. It invariably cheers up everybody who sees it smiling at them in the garage

Aaron Bates

It's been vary handy and helpful to store my bike. But I would improve it by using something stronger like cardan because, I find the bike likes to lean to one side.

Steve Charles Schneringer
Smile Bike stand

It sucks, my bike fell over I was thinking about shimming up the sides or just throwing it away. I’d like to return it for my money back but then shipping cost is as much as the stand! Steve

richard lapka
Worth the price

Just seconds to set up, it holds my 4 inch tires easily and holds the bike steady when you want to remove the front wheel. Mainly its season room space without having to use the kickstandMainly it's seasonal room space without having to use the kickstand.