Battery for Monte Capro Series

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Sale price CA$799.00 Regular priceCA$1,099.00
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This sleek removable battery is used in the Biktrix Monte Capro series of bikes. A high-quality, integrated design provides reliable power and range to get you to your destination!

    Technical Specifications


    8.9 lbs / 4.0 kg

    Battery Voltage


    Battery Ampreage


    Battery Watt-Hours


    Charging Port



    Bike Name Compatible
    Monte Capro Ultra 1/2
    Monte Capro Lite
    All other Biktrix eBikes

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Andrew Bottomfield
    Good with exception.

    The fitting inside the bike is too tight and difficult to remove from bike. But the capacity is great.

    Mike L
    Battery is a battery but….

    One would expect that if you but a bike, and at the same time buy an additional battery for said bike, that the two would be the same. Yes they are but no they aren’t.

    They are the same functional battery that goes into the bike. But the battery chargers, and the connections to the batteries are different. That’s right, two batteries, two different chargers needed.

    Maybe I’m a tad wrong here but I am not happy about it. I choose to carry a second battery but to also have to carry two chargers seems like poor quality assurance on Biktrix’s part.

    Nothing they’ll do other than say “sorry about that”. Nothing. You get what you get and they don’t give a darn.

    I’ll never buy anything from them again. Good customer service can often overshadow a poor product. Poor customer service will often completely shadow even the best product.

    Tim Souder
    Biktrix Battery

    Love Biktrix Monte Capro so much that I had to buy a second battery so I don't have to stop riding before I'm ready to call it a day. Great bikes and great customer service!

    Jamison Roberts
    Great battery

    No issues so far. New battery came with a additional charger which is great if I ever need a backup.

    Judy McArthur
    good size

    I have this size battery for my Juggernaut Classic and get 80+km out of it, so I know it will be great for this bike!