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Swift X

Sale price CA$2,599.00 Regular priceCA$2,699.00

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Sale price CA$2,599.00 Regular priceCA$2,699.00
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Reliable and swift transport

The Biktrix Swift X* is a commuter eBike built for convenient daily travel. The perfect balance between comfort and control, the upright rider position makes it easy to stay aware of your surroundings. The Swift X will effortlessly take you from home to work or school, on errands, or just around town.

Best of the best.

Front Suspension Fork

The Coil Spring Suspension Fork delivers a smooth ride the Swift Series is known for. Built-in lockout and 60mm Travel make this great for all styles of riding!

500W Hub Motor

Reliability is an important aspect for a gravel bike and that’s why the Swift Step-Over is powered by a tried-and-true 500W Hub Motor.

Dual Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes

When it’s so easy to go fast, you need strong stopping power. The dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes will quickly and reliably bring you to a halt.

29” Tires

These large diameter narrow tires will glide over pavement, gravel, or whatever terrain your adventures take you!

Shimano Altus 9 Speed Drivetrain

Whether climbing steep hills or holding maximum speed on the flats, the Shimano Altus 9 Speed drivetrain has you covered!

Removable Battery

The removable 48V 14Ah Battery offers unmatched convenience for re-charging. With the twist of a key, your battery can be removed from the bike to be brought inside for charging.

LCD Display

The LCD Display shows all the important information about your ride including speed, battery life, odometer, pedal assist level and more!

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

Weighing in at 55.5lbs this is one of our most lightweight Aluminum bike frames yet!

Thumb Throttle

Access all the power the motor has to offer with the simple push of a thumb!

Technical Specifications

Size & Fittings

1 Effective Top Tube Length 540mm 21.3in
2 Seat Tube Length (Classic Bike Size) 420mm 16.5in
3 Reach 420mm 16.5in
4 Stack 600mm 23.6in
5 Chainstay Length 450mm 17.7in
6 Standover Height 700mm 27.6in
7 Head Angle 67° -
8 Seat Angle 73° -
9 Head Tube Length 130 mm 5.1 in
10 Fork Length 530mm 20.9in
11 Front Center 690mm 27.2in
12 BB (Bottom Bracket) Drop 65mm 2.6in
13 Fork Offset 30mm 1.2in
14 Wheelbase 1120mm 44.1in
15 Total Length 1860mm 73.2in
16 Max Seat Height 1050mm 41.3in
17 Min Seat Height 830mm 32.7in
18 Handlebar Height 1020mm 40.2in
19 Weight (Without Battery) 21.3kg 47lb
1 Effective Top Tube Length 580mm 22.8in
2 Seat Tube Length (Classic Bike Size) 460mm 18.1in
3 Reach 440mm 17.3in
4 Stack 630mm 24.8in
5 Chainstay Length 450mm 17.7in
6 Standover Height 710mm 28in
7 Head Angle 67° -
8 Seat Angle 73° -
9 Head Tube Length 130 mm 5.1 in
10 Fork Length 530mm 20.9in
11 Front Center 690mm 27.2in
12 BB (Bottom Bracket) Drop 80mm 3.1in
13 Fork Offset 30mm 1.2in
14 Wheelbase 1140mm 44.9in
15 Total Length 1880mm 74in
16 Max Seat Height 1060mm 41.7in
17 Min Seat Height 860mm 33.9in
18 Handlebar Height 1050mm 41.3in
19 Weight (Without Battery) 21.5kg 47.4lb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Francisco Rubio
Nice bike that could be even better

Buying the bikes was not as straight forward as I expected, their website had some glitches that prevented me to take advantage of their promotions, however an email to their support team fixed that.
After receiving my bikes I found out that some parts in both of the handle bars were assembled in the wrong order so with some help from their support team I was able to fix the issue and get some spare parts that were damaged in the process.
All in all, I like these bikes very much, they have all the basics at a good price. However, they could be even better if you could upgrade some things like a headlamp connected to the ebike controls and battery, your only option is a to get rechargeable headlamp or one with external batteries.
Their support team is great.

Poor quality when picked up, wobbly front and back tires

As other have mentioned, very poor quality control. Picked up a Swift X on Saturday from the main branch in Saskatoon. Took it for the first ride to my office (11km away) and noticed both front and back wheels have a wobble. Walked over and spoke with them about fixing it, but needs the bike for a full day. Should they not check the bike over properly before picking it up?

Poor quality control

Like other reviews have said. Good looking bike but poor quality control. Front wheel wobble out of the box. Issue with torque sensor, bike sometimes has weak pedal assist. Support wants me to take a video to show the issue but how can I show the weaker feedback in video. Feels dangerous to be requested to ride a bike and take a video.

don smith
My Swift X - overall a mediocre bicycle

Pleasing profile, 29 inch wheels yes, critical to have a throttle - is the only feature that makes the bike ridable
The torque and cadence sensors work poorly - lack sensitivity
Factory blocking of the LCD exacerbates the problem
one of the bolts for the front caliper was cross threaded and left, the other was only finger tight
obviously no real quality control, as I found the problem not Biktrix
Nice apprearance, but poor workmanship and almost worthless electronic controls

Jose Benoni Cabigas

Assembled yesterday. Ride tested. So far so good.

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