27.5x3 - EVO Knotty Tire

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Sale price CA$40.00
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The Evo Knotty eMTB tire is a high-performance tire designed to tackle challenging terrain. With consistent, predictable traction, the Knotty is ideal for dry and tacky trail conditions. The tire features a directional tread pattern optimized for off-road riding, allowing riders to maintain speed and control during technically challenging climbs.
For use on any Biktrix eBike equipped with a 27.5x3" wheelset!

Single tire only. View Compatibility section for the full model listing.

Technical Specifications

Diameter (")


Width (")


Tread Style

Knobby MTB

Pressure Range

15-36 PSI (100-150 kPa)

Bead Type



Bike Name Compatible
Juggernaut Hub Duo SO/ST w/ 27.5x3
Juggernaut Classic w/ 27.5x3
Juggernaut Classic Duo SO/ST w/ 27.5x3
Juggernaut Ultra Duo SO/ST w/ 27.5x3
Juggernaut Ultra 1000 w/ 27.5x3
Juggernaut Ultra FS w/ 27.5x3
Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro w/ 27.5x3
Juggernaut XD/XD Duo w/ 27.5x3
Juggernaut Eagle 2 w/ 27.5x3
Monte Capro Ultra w/ 27.5x3
Monte Capro Lite w/ 27.5x3

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