Juggernaut DUO Ultra Step-Thru CUSTOMIZER

​✔️ ​1000W Bafang Ultra M620 Mid-drive Motor
​✔️ ​160Nm of torque for easy to moderate hills
​✔️ ​300lb load capacity*
​✔️ ​On-Demand throttle makes pedaling optional
​✔️ ​Cadence+Torque sensor makes pedal assist smooth and powerful
​✔️ ​Includes 48V 17.5Ah internal battery + charger
✔️ Some models shipping now. Rest will be shipping in July 2021
 Most Powerful Torque Sensor Electric Bike On The Market Today. Bafang Ultra M620

* Weight capacity depends on the fork you select
Select Frame Size
Monsoon Sun
Ocean Blue
Sunset Red
Gold Coffee
Midnight Blue
Charcoal Grey
Cherry Red
Satin Black
Mint Green
Metallic Charcoal
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