27.5 x 3" Wheelset (150 TA-F, 190 QR-R)

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Add extra versatility to your eBike with this do-it-yourself conversion kit! Easily swap out your existing wheels for these 27.5” tall and 3” wide mountain bike tires to change how your eBike performs on various terrain. The Quick-Release design of the rear wheel allows for simple installation, while the Thru-Axle design of the front wheel provides a secure and sturdy fit.


 Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3
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Technical Specifications:

Front Hub Spacing 150mm
Front Hub Axle Type 15mm Thru Axle *Not Included 
Rear Hub Spacing 190mm
Rear Hub Axle Type 5mm Quick Release *Not Included
Rim Style 60mm Wide, Solid Rim, 36 Hole
Rim Colour Solid Black
Driver Style HG - Hyperglide
Tire 27.5x3 Chaoyang
Weight 7 lbs / 3.2 kg

Technical Specifications

Front Hub Spacing


Front Hub Axle Type

5mm Quick-Release

Rear Hub Spacing


Rear Hub Axle Type

5mm Quick Release

Rim Style

50mm Wide, Solid, 36 Hole

Driver Type

HG - Hyperglide

Rim Colour

Solid Black


Bike Name Compatible
Juggernaut Classic Duo
Stunner X 6 26x4
Stunner X 5 26x4 - some models
Juggernaut Classic
Juggernaut Ultra Duo

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kaleb Freeden
Tire review

Asked for the 27.5x3 tire that was on the Monte and ended up with a different tire brand.

Still a Fat tire wheelset, not a true MTB wheel as width is 60mm

Still, 26x4.00 are not for me or my riding style. These wheels, although still "fat", can accomodate 2.8 DH tires with good knobs for cornering, tracking, and more surgical handling. I have Maxxis DHR and DHF and they rock on these wheels. The 26 will be saved for a snowy day, the 27.5 are my go to wheels.

Karl Virkus
27.5x3 Wheelset

Bought 2nd wheelset because I was curious on how it would change my ride. 27.5 rear install went well, will be able to switch back to 26x4 no problem. Also trying 27.5 on front 26 on rear setup.

Jens Moder
Defective Freehub

I had a freehub failure after a few hundred kilometers of use. Unfortunately the bicycle was out of warranty and I had to purchase a replacement hub. The failure was that internal ratchet ring had lost it's bond with the hub and was slipping. Peddling barely moved the bicycle forward. Bitrix support was fabulous. Not only did they help diagnose and offer replacement parts but they overcame a big shipping problem delivering to a Greek island. My bike would be sitting DOA without their help and support.

Mitchell Jackson
No show

I was informed after placing the order with a support person that the tire was no longer in stock. So, I went elsewhere to find replacement tires.