Wren Star Ratchet Rear Hub (190mm/197mm)

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Upgrade your eBike's drive system with a star ratchet hub manufactured by Wren Sports. Designed to excel in high-torque situations with powerful mid-drive motor eBikes. Available in 32 hole and 36 hole variants and can be set up for 190mm or 197mm rear-ends.

This bundle includes the hub, adaptor to fit your hub spacing and axle type (if applicable) and 40 Uncut 14G Spokes and Spoke Nipples.

What is a star ratchet hub?

A star ratchet hub is a robust and reliable hub design which distributes the load of your eBike's motor across 36 points-of-contact opposed to the 4-6 points-of-contact on a pawl based hub.

This addresses a common point of failure for many regular hubs where the pawls will break or strip the race in the hub causing the power to no longer be transferred to the rear wheel. The even distribution of power between the star ratchet teeth ensures a smooth and reliable drivetrain.

No Tool Construction

The star ratchet hub can be assembled and disassembled with no tools, resulting in easy access to bearings, freehub body replacements,  and configuration between 190m and 197mm.

Technical Specifications

Axles Supported

12mm Thru Axle (5mm QR if purchased with Adaptor)

Spokes Included

40 Uncut, 14G Spokes and Nipples Included


HG Style

Cassette Compatibility

9, 10, 11 Speed


Adjustable Between 190mm, 197mm

Spoke Hole Count



Bike Name 36 Hole 36 Hole with 5mm QR Adaptor
Juggernaut Ultra FS
Juggernaut Ultra 1000 w/Rear Thru Axle
Juggernaut Ultra Duo 2 Step-Over
Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro 2/3
Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro 1 26x4 Fat-Tire Version
Juggernaut Ultra Beast 1/2
Monte Capro Ultra 1/2 26x4.8 Fat-Tire Version
Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3/4
Juggernaut HD Duo
Juggernaut Ultra FS Pro 1 27.5x3 Boost Version
Juggernaut Classic Duo
Monte Capro Ultra 1/2 27.5x3 Boost Version

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Michael Neal
Hub is great after I got all the parts.

I got my wheel with the new hub in a very short time and I was very happy about that. Works great, sounds good. My issue was I didn't receive the QR skewer to mount it. Roshan says any wheelset you buy will not come with skewers Customer Service says they should have sent one and just forgot. However they did send me one, took about 5 days to get it, that was partially on FedX.
If you get one of these hubs specify if you need a skewer. My bike was originally a bolt on so I never had one. Other than that I like the upgraded wheel and as always love my bike, it's been a good one.

Martin Robinowich

So far the Wren Ratcheting freehub seems rock solid. If I had known the standard freehub would fail, I would’ve ordered it as an upgrade when I ordered my Jugg Ultra Duo.

Allen Hardy
biktrix supplied WREN hub

The package came quick AFTER they dropped the ball not seeing my order was placed AND paid . The hub looks good except for a small nick in the flange where the spokes install. Time will tell on the operational experience ; it sounds smooth as silk.

Todd Cuthbert
Great rear hub

Received my new rear hub and first thing I noticed was it appeared to be a far superior hub than the original rear hub that comes on the bike. Installs was a bit challenging as there were a couple extra parts (I come to realize they were different size spacers) and no directions as to what they were for. But after figuring it out and changing to the proper spacer it went together easily. Been back riding for over a week now and definitely rides smother and fixed my grinding issue from the bad hub I had. Thanks to the team for getting the part out to me quickly, so I had minimal down time.

Thomas Marsh
Wren Star Ratchet rear hub

After 7800 miles my original hub finally stripped out from years of rough desert trails. I was excited to find out that Biktrix had a much superior rear hub for replacement. I ordered the hub, with new spokes and new rim, all put together by Biktrix for a great price. The new Ratchet hub sounds and performs great. Now I am back climbing mountain trails again.