7 Best E-bikes for Women

7 Best E-bikes for Women

Searching for the best E-bikes for Women?

Biktrix has your covered!

Looking for an e-bike that fits your lifestyle and budget can be tough.

Whether it's commuting to work, running errands, or just enjoying a ride, women need bikes that offer comfort, ease, and reliability.

We've put together a list of the best e-bikes that check these boxes and more. From bikes with easy-to-mount frames to those with power to spare for hauling cargo, there's something here for every woman rider.

The Best Electric Bikes for Women: An Overview

  1. The Swift ST 3
  2. Swift Lite 3 ST
  3. Kutty FS
  4. Skycap 2
  5. Juggernaut Classic Duo ST
  6. Challenger 2
  7. Stunner ST 6

The 7 Best Electric Bikes for Women Under a Budget (2024)

Here are our top picks for women's e-bikes:

1. Swift ST 3 - Biktrix

Swift ST 3 - Biktrix

E-Bike Specs:

  • 500W Rear Hub Motor
  • Battery Options: 48V20Ah (960Wh), 48V25Ah (1200Wh)
  • 8 Speed Shimano Acera
  • Tire Sizes: Kenda 29x2.1" or 26x2.1"
  • Torque Sensor with 0-5 Assist Levels
  • Quad-Piston Hydraulic Brakes

Standout Electric Bike Features

The Swift ST 3 by Biktrix stands out because it offers a mix of power and convenience. The 500W motor is designed for zippy acceleration, which makes it a breeze to get up to cruising speed or tackle hilly terrains.

The customizable pedal-assist means riders can choose the level of help they need depending on the situation. Most notable is the step-thru frame, which makes it extremely easy to mount and dismount the bike, a big plus when dealing with city traffic or frequent stops.

Additionally, the bike comes equipped with safety features such as integrated headlights and taillights, and practical perks like a kickstand, rear rack, and fenders are included as standard.

Why Is It a Great Option for Women

The Swift ST 3 is ideal for women for several reasons. The step-thru design is particularly beneficial, as it allows for easy access. This is helpful for riders wearing dresses or skirts or those who might find traditional frames challenging to climb over.

The fact that it comes in three different wheel sizes means it can comfortably accommodate women of varying heights, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.

Moreover, the e-bike's customization options allow women to match the bike to their style preferences. The included rear rack can carry cargo, making it practical for everything from grocery shopping to carrying work essentials.

With the Swift ST 3, commuting or leisurely rides can be accomplished with comfort, ease, and stability.

2. Swift Lite 3 ST - Biktrix

Swift Lite 3 ST - Biktrix

E-Bike Specs:

  • Motor: 350W Rear Hub
  • Battery: 36V 10.4Ah (374Wh)
  • 6 Speed Shimano Tourney TZ
  • Wheel Size Options: 24", 26", 29"
  • Cadence Sensor with 1-5 Assist Levels
  • Logan Mechanical Disc Brakes

Standout Electric Bike Features

The Swift Lite 3 ST by Biktrix is unique for its blend of power and user-friendliness. The 350W electric motor is robust enough for brisk acceleration, making it perfect for cruising through city streets.

Also, its customizable pedal levels assist riders in adjusting the riding experience to their liking. What's more, the bike's step-thru design is a standout feature, significantly reducing the effort needed to get on and off the bike.

This e-bike is equipped with three different wheel size options to accommodate riders of various statures. The Swift Lite 3 ST is ready to go with necessary accessories like a color display, kickstand, rear rack, and lights included as standard.

Last but not least, it's one of the cheapest Biktrix e-bikes, which is why it made it to the list of the top 5 budget e-bikes.

Why Is It a Great Option for Women

Women will find the Swift Lite 3 ST e-bike to be a fantastic choice due to its thoughtful design and practical features. The step-thru design simplifies the process of getting on and off, which is especially useful for those who wear skirts or simply prefer a more accessible bike frame.

Its diverse wheel size options ensure a comfortable fit for women of any height. The standard inclusion of a rear rack means the e-bike can handle everyday tasks like carrying groceries or a work bag with ease.

Furthermore, the range of colors enables personal style expression, and the bike's overall user-friendly features make it a stable and comfortable option for both commuting and enjoying leisurely rides.

3. Kutty FS - Biktrix 

Kutty FS - Biktrix

E-Bike Specs:

  • 250W Rear Hub Motor
  • Battery: 36V 13Ah (468Wh)
  • Shimano Tourney 7 Speed Derailleur
  • Tire Size: 20x3"
  • Cadence Sensor with 0-3 Assist Levels
  • Folded Dimensions: 39" x 22" x 32" (LxWxH)

Standout Electric Bike Features

The Kutty FS distinguishes itself as a full-suspension folding e-bike that does not compromise on comfort. Despite its compact form when folded, it's equipped with both front and rear suspension to ensure a smooth ride on various terrains.

The 250W motor offers sufficient power for everyday commutes, while the 468Wh battery provides reliable battery life and range. The bike features a simple 3-button display to keep the controls straightforward and accessible.

Moreover, the Kutty FS's 20-inch wide tires contribute to a stable and confident ride, which is uncommon in many folding bikes. It's easily one of Biktrix's best folding e-bikes.

Why Is It a Great Option for Women

For women seeking a practical and comfortable e-bike, the Kutty FS shines with its lightweight and foldable design. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals who may need to combine biking with other forms of transport, such as parking a bit further from work and biking the remainder of the way.

The bike can easily be folded and carried onto a train or bus or stored under a desk at work, saving space and keeping it secure.

Additionally, for those living in multi-story buildings without elevators, the Kutty FS's foldable nature means it can be more easily carried up and down stairs compared to non-folding e-bikes.

With its compact size, even when fully assembled, it's ideal for navigating crowded bike paths and storing in tight spaces, making it perfect for the urban adventurer or the weekend leisure rider alike.

4. Skycap 2 - Biktrix

 Skycap 2 - Biktrix

E-Bike Specs:

  • Motor Options: 500W/750W Mxus Geared Rear Hub
  • Battery Options: 48V 20Ah (960Wh) & 48V 25Ah (1200Wh) + 48V 21Ah (1008Wh) Secondary
  • Shimano Altus 7 Speed Derailleur
  • Tire Size: 24x3"
  • Torque Sensor with 0-5 Assist Levels
  • Hydraulic Brakes with 180mm Rotors

Standout Electric Bike Features

The Skycap 2 is a cargo bike tailored for those who want a bike that can do more than just carry a rider. Its extended tail design sets it apart, offering exceptional space for cargo without compromising the bike's stability. A high payload capacity of 380 lbs means this bike can effortlessly take on heavy-duty tasks.

The inclusion of both a powerful motor and substantial battery capacity ensures that the Skycap 2 can maintain its performance even when loaded with cargo. Safety is also a priority, with integrated lights and responsive hydraulic brakes that ensure a secure ride.

Why Is It a Great Option for Women

The Skycap 2 is an excellent choice for women who need to transport multiple items, whether for work, grocery shopping, or taking kids around.

Its robust cargo area can handle everything from professional equipment to a week's worth of shopping, ensuring that all necessities are with you on the go. The spacious rear platform can also be outfitted with various accessories to secure different types of loads.

With its sturdy build and reliable motor, women can ride confidently, knowing that the Skycap 2 can handle the added weight with ease. The powerful assist system allows for smooth riding even when the bike is fully loaded, making it not just a means of transportation but a reliable tool for day-to-day life.

5. Juggernaut Classic Duo ST - Biktrix

Juggernaut Classic Duo ST - Biktrix

E-Bike Specs:

  • Motor: 750W Bafang BBS02 Mid-Drive
  • Torque: 120 Nm
  • Load Capacity: 330lbs
  • Battery: 52V 17.5Ah (910Wh) Internal, Optional Extender
  • Tire Size Options: 26x4", 27.5x3", 24x4"
  • Brakes: Tektro E350 Dual Piston, 180mm Rotors

Standout Electric Bike Features

The Juggernaut Classic Duo ST is a mid-drive e-bike designed for off-road resilience while maintaining a comfortable ride. Its 750W Bafang motor (one of the finest electric bike motors), coupled with 120 Nm of torque, provides powerful and subtle assistance, propelling you over rough trails and steep inclines.

The bike's high load capacity means you can carry all the gear you need without sacrificing performance. The throttle control offers the choice of an effortless journey when you want it, and the cadence sensor ensures the pedal assist is smooth and intuitive.

Complete with a long-lasting battery, the Juggernaut is the most reliable women's electric mountain bike on the list.

Why Is It a Great Option for Women

The Juggernaut Classic Duo ST is particularly well-suited for women due to its step-through design, making it easier to mount and dismount the bike, especially on uneven terrain or when carrying gear.

This feature is essential for those whose commutes or adventures take them through rough trails. It ensures a less cumbersome and safer experience when getting on and off the bike.

The range of tire sizes allows for customization to the rider's needs, whether seeking stability on rugged paths or efficiency on smoother roads.

Women riders will appreciate the bike's combination of off-road capability with the comfort and ease of use provided by the step-through frame, making it an excellent choice for both adventurous rides and daily commutes on challenging terrain.

6. Challenger 2 - Biktrix

Challenger 2 - Biktrix

E-Bike Specs:

  • Motor: 750W Geared Rear Hub
  • Battery: 48V 17.5Ah (840Wh)
  • Shimano Altus 7 Speed Derailleur
  • Tire Size: 20x4" (Fat Tires)
  • Hydraulic Brakes with 180mm Rotors
  • Dual Coil Spring Rear Suspension

Standout Electric Bike Features

The Challenger 2 differentiates itself with its combination of rugged design and affordability. Equipped with 20-inch fat tires, it's ready to tackle rough and uneven terrain without the hefty price tag of electric mountain bikes.

The robust 750W motor ensures that you can power through challenging trails or city streets with ease. Dual coil spring rear suspension contributes to a smoother ride, especially when off-road. The solid 6-spoke rims not only add to the bike's tough look but also provide durability.

The bike's substantial battery allows for extended trips without the need for frequent charging, and the hydraulic brakes offer reliable stopping power in all conditions. It's a fantastic mix between a mountain and an electric road bike.

Why Is It a Great Option for Women

For women looking for an affordable yet capable off-road bike, the Challenger 2 is a strong contender, especially when compared to the higher-priced Juggernaut Classic Duo ST.

While it has a slightly lower spec, such as the Shimano Tourney, rather than the Shimano Alivio groupset, and a less powerful battery, these compromises result in substantial cost savings.

However, the fat tires provide stability and comfort on both city commutes and nature trails. Its strong build doesn't weigh it down, keeping it manageable for a variety of riders.

The bike's hydraulic brakes ensure safety and control, which make for a reliable and enjoyable ride when combined with the comfortable grips and saddle.

Whether it's for daily use or weekend escapades, the Challenger 2 offers a balance of features and value that is appealing for women riders.

7. Stunner ST 6 - Biktrix

Stunner ST 6 - Biktrix


E-Bike Specs:

  • Motor: Bafang BBS02 Mid-Drive
  • Battery Options: 48V 17Ah (816Wh) up to 52V 17.5Ah (910Wh)
  • Sturmey Archer 5-Speed Rear Hub Transmission
  • Tire Size: 26x2.3"
  • Hydraulic Brakes with 180mm Rotors
  • Fork: Suntour Nex with 60mm Travel & Lockout

Standout Electric Bike Features

The Stunner ST 6 from Biktrix sets itself apart with its unique blend of comfort and performance. The heart of the Stunner ST 6 is the Bafang BBS02 mid-drive motor, which delivers consistent power for a smooth ride. According to Biktrix, the Stunner ST6 is one of the most comfortable women's electric bike models.

The Sturmey Archer 5-speed rear hub transmission provides reliability and a seamless shifting experience. The bike is also equipped with a Suntour Nex suspension fork, which, along with the 26x2.3" tires, absorbs bumps and ensures a comfortable journey.

Riders can also personalize their riding experience with an adjustable stem and comfort-oriented cruiser bars. Safety and ease of use are accounted for with the inclusion of dual-piston hydraulic brakes and an 850c color display, adding both function and flair to the bike.

Why Is It a Great Option for Women

For women prioritizing comfort on their rides, the Stunner ST 6 is Biktrix's standout option. Its comfortable cruiser saddle and adjustable stem allow for an upright riding position that reduces strain on the back and shoulders, ideal for long rides or when navigating through city streets.

The mid-drive motor assists pedaling without overwhelming the natural biking experience, thus enhancing ride comfort. The bike's ample battery options assure long-range capabilities so that riders can venture further with confidence.

With its full suite of accessories like a rear rack and fenders, it's ready for any errand or leisurely cruise. Recognizing that comfort is not a luxury but a necessity; the Stunner ST 6 is a perfect fit for women who want to ride in comfort without sacrificing style or functionality.

What Makes an Electric Bike Suitable for Women?

Electric bikes that are suitable for women offer a combination of accessibility, comfort, and practical features that cater to a variety of needs.

For example, the step-thru designs, as seen in the Swift ST 3 and Juggernaut Classic Duo ST, allow for easy mounting and dismounting, which is convenient for riders wearing skirts or dresses.

Also, adjustable components like stems and saddle heights accommodate different body types, ensuring a comfortable fit. E-bikes such as the Kutty FS shine with lightweight and foldable frames, making them ideal for mixed-mode commuting and easy storage in tight spaces.

More so, e-bikes with fat tires, like the Challenger 2, provide stability and ease of handling on diverse terrains, which is crucial for riders seeking safety and comfort.

Other practical features, such as integrated lighting systems, fenders, and included rear racks, found on many models, enhance the usability for daily errands and long commutes, making these e-bikes a great option for women.

Ready to Find Your Perfect E-Bike?

With these top seven women’s e-bikes, finding the perfect match for your riding needs should now be a breeze. Each model offers a unique set of features designed to enhance the cycling experience for women, combining ease of use, comfort, and practicality.

Remember, the best women's e-bike is one that fits your riding style, whether you're looking for portability, comfort, or the ability to carry loads. 

So, go ahead and choose the one that resonates most with you, and enjoy the countless benefits of e-biking with confidence and style. Happy riding!

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