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Tackle the steepest hills in comfort and style

"Really fun. Very comfortable and powerful!"- Bruce

no roads. no problem.

Combining the classic styling and comfortable riding position of a cruiser with the performance of a mid-drive motor, The Stunner X sits in a class of its own. This eBike provides comfort and confidence on the street and the trails.

power. comfort. capability.

The powerful 750W mid-drive motor creates 120Nm of torque. That's plenty of power to speed up some serious hills! It just might be the perfect off-road capable cruiser.

have a look under the hood.

RST Guide Front Suspension

Our suspension fork features 80mm of travel, preload, and lockout.

Integrated Headlight

The bright LED is powered by the bike's battery and can be turned on/off on the handlebar control pad.

LCD Display

The display gives you important information including speed, battery life, range, odometer, and pedal assist level.

750W Bafang Mid-Drive Motor

The 750W mid-drive motor allows you to both span cities and climb hills with ease.

Velo Oversized Cruiser Seat

Stay comfortable on long rides with this generous and superbly plush seat!

160mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Safety on an eBike is key. With standard dual-piston hydraulic brakes, you can stop even faster than you accelerate. Four-piston brakes are available as an additional upgrade.

7 Speed Shimano Atlus Transmission

From climbing steep hills to holding maximum speed on the flats and everything between, our Shimano 7 speed has you covered.

Removable 48V Lithium-Ion Battery

Our system is convenient. Twist the key and bring your battery in to charge. We offer a variety of battery capacity options.

4" Fat Tires

Whether you're up against sand, mud, or snow these tires will completely handle it. The Stunner X 5 is outstanding for all-season and all-terrain riding.

Technical Specifications

Size & Fittings

24" 26"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
Cathy Schimmel
Love bike to bad it was received damaged

14 days in can not use bike as charger was damaged during shipping. Several deep scratches and back rack is bent with bare metal exposed. I purchased bike to releive stress not create stress.

Karla Dubyna

I love the bike! I’ve been riding almost every day since I bought it.The shop in Kelowna that I bought it from was such a pleasure to deal with.

Karla Dubyna

I love the bike! I’ve been riding almost every day since I bought it.The shop in Kelowna that I bought it from was such a pleasure to deal with.

Alex Delehanty
Butch my AWESOME Stunner

Several months ago when I was sitting on my deck I watched a woman power up the hill in front of my house with no swearing or sweating or heavy breathing involved. She was riding an electric bike. Ever since that moment I knew I was destined to get an electric bike.
I did my homework. I watched videos, I went to websites, I read reviews, I bought a Biktrix. And it has been awesome!
Now I’m enjoying the uphills a little bit more than the down hills, who knew?
OK, so I had to pay somebody to put it together because I’m not too mechanically inclined but it was worth every penny.
I’m loving my bike which I’ve named Butch because it seems very butch to me and having so much fun in the fall biking. Thank you Biktrix!

David Dougan

My bike stalled on a hill causing me to fall and I broke my hip.

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