Juggernaut Hub Duo SO

Sale price CA$2,999.00
Sky Blue
Range Extender Battery

Add an additional battery to extend your bikes range and give you that boost!

**This option adds an extra battery that mounts on top of the frame that doubles the range of the stock battery.
Motor Power

Program your motor to meet local eBike regulations or opt for unlimited speed and power suitable for off-road use only.


Suspension seatposts offer great riding comfort as they absorb many of the imperfections on the road/trail.

***Adding a suspension seatpost to your eBike will increase the minimum seatpost height by 75mm/3" to 150mm/6"
**The price is discounted from the regular price of $300.

Enhance your safety and control on every ride by upgrading your eBike brakes.

***Tektro and Magura upgrades come with a front brake rotor upgrade from 180mm to 203mm
Biktrix A-Bars

The swept-back design provides an upright riding position with multiple comfortable hand positions so you can enjoy further and more frequent rides!


Secure your investment by opting for an extended warranty through the BiktrixCare+ plan.

Sale price CA$2,999.00
Shipping: Leaves within 6-7 business days
750W Hub-Drive

Motor Power

80Nm of Torque

Extreme Hills

52V 17Ah 910Wh

est. 110km Range

+5'10ft / 330lb

Max Load

Torque Sensor

Powerful Pedal Assist

25+ Point Quality

Control Checklist


Miles Range


Torque For Extreme Hills

52V 17Ah

Strong, Reliable Battery

The Duo Series. Ebikes For Everyone.

The Juggernaut Duo Series is all about flexibility. Hub-drive or mid-drive, step-over or step-thru, single battery or dual battery, entry-level or high-end. No matter your needs, there's probably a Duo for you.

Watch this video to see how The 3 Duo models stack up.

Simple. Capable. Affordable.

The Hub Duo is our most user-friendly & affordable eBike in the Juggernaut family. Thanks to the 750W hub-drive motor, you'll get an easy-going ride with plenty of power to boost you up those tough hills. Mix that with our 5-star customer service and you've got yourself a perfect entry-level eBike.

Bells & Whistles? You Bet.

Technical Specifications

Size & Fittings

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Ryan Stinn
Mixed experience

So far I've discovered my bike has a bent brake rotor and a bent derailleur. Support sent me a brake rotor right away, so I can change that out but I need to get the correct tools for the bolts. Now the derailleur is bent I need to try to get it into a local bike shop, which are notoriously slow/hard to get into. It's been a little frustrating to say the least.

A little high for a 5’10” but it’s great to be the king!

Bought the juggernaut because i wanted a bike that would support my excess weight, i have had a chinese eBike in the past and it was not pleasant to ride. But with a juggernaut, its night and day in difference. I love everything about it, had trouble assembling and testing it but the support staff really reacted on the double, i feel confident that i will get superb after sale service if i ever encounter any issues. When I’m riding my bike, people turn their heads in admiration when i ride in the streets, people , like me, are impressed ( and sometimes, intimidated) by the impressive frame of the bicycle, built to last and to impress so yes, its good to be king! Like i said, its a bit high if you want to stand over the step over frame of the ebike with both feet remaining on the ground but i manage. Thx Biktrix!

Kerry Wilhelm
Bike quality and delivery

Extreamly happy with Biketrix
Beautiful bike fun and well made

Brijender Sahni
Loud chain sound

Loud noises from chain. Motor is loud as well.

Perry Tuttle
Sticking throttle. Pedal assist not working correctly

Will get more details when they become available.