Juggernaut Ultra Beast 2

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Looking for a spiritual successor with the same motor and dual battery capability? Check out the Juggernaut Ultra Duo Step-Over!

Juggernaut Ultra Duo Step-Over
1000W Mid-Drive

Motor Power

160Nm of Torque

Extreme Hills

2x 48V 15Ah 720Wh

est. 115km Range

+5'10ft / 380lb

Max Load

Torque Sensor

Powerful Pedal Assist

25+ Point Quality

Control Checklist

Technical Specifications

Size & Fittings

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Be aware of unique issues

Received the bike in September, and use it daily for transportation on the ranch. Never been ridden on pavement, so this is an off-road review only. It is a beast. Because of the frame/tire size you can not stay in the saddle at a stop like on a road bike (and I am 6 feet tall). I fixed this by installing a dropper seatpost and this is a mandatory modification. Because of the wide tires, the chainstays are also wide. I have completely rubbed the paint off both where my heel hits on every pedalstroke. I also had to remove the kickstand, as my heel hit it every pedalstroke and have not found a replacement that fits (size 11 shoe). Sucks to have a 100lb bike and no kickstand, but I can always lean against a tree. With the massive weight and tire size, it is unrideable without the electric assist. With it, it moves around just fine, but is not a "precision" instrument. Think more through than around when it comes to obstacles. I had several teeth rip off the the cog and took to my local Biktix dealer. He put in a warranty claim on a new cog, chain and derailuer - which were all denied by Biktrix. Had to replace both rotors and brake pads as well (this is a HEAVY bike). So far $500 in repairs. The front mudgard fell out and the nut stripped out on the plastic trying to keep the jamnut from falling out again. It is ziptied on now. The rear mudguard only works if you ziptie it to the rear rack. Otherwise, it rubs on tire. I ordered the pannier bag at same time, but it sits on the cogs, so it wore a hole all the way through on first ride. If you mount the panniers backwards, it is not as much an issue. You can buy this exact same chinese bike from several companies, so choose one with good warranties that they stand behind.

Terry Morgan
Will not disappoint.

When I pulled the bike out of the box I thought what the hell did I buy!! What I bought was simply the best e-bike I've ever owned. She lives up to her name Beast in size but rides like a dream. I have not found a terrain this bike can not handle and fast for a bike bike this size. The mid drive motor has great power and performance. Everywhere I go people ask me about the bike and how it rides.

I had the beast for four months now with zero issues. I'm writing this review more to get Biktrix attention. It's currently not being sold by Biktrix, not sure why. It may not be there best selling bike due to its size and price, but from a marketing side the attention she draws, you can't put a price on. The quality of their products is refreshing and extent of product line is really unmatched. When my wife and I upgraded bikes she chose a newer bike company, Chinese made crap is all I can say(1 Up). I've spent hours working on her bike zero on the Beast. Come on Biktrix keep making the Beast2!!!!!

Steve, Vancouver Island
Do Not Hesitate!

Well, here’s the short version. Found it online, procrastinated for a bit. Reached out and inquired about getting a camouflage one, was told they only had a blue one left so decided not to purchase. Next morning, pulled the trigger on the blue (Juggernaut Ultra Beast). Went through all the layers of $5000.00 buyers remorse for two weeks waiting for it to arrive. Put it together late last night and took it for a 50km ride this morning…
All that elite marketing, all those sexy videos, all those 5 star reviews… they were all wrong…
This thing is a 10! This thing is beyond a Beast! This thing exceeded All my expectations!
To the entire team at Biktrix, thank you for all your support (especially Hasmik).
You guys knocked it outta the park with this one and I’m one happy Biktrix owner.

Connor Hicks
Extremely capable bike, glad I chose it

This bike is able to handle some very rough stuff. In the week or so I’ve owned it, I’ve taken it on some very technical trails and it’s held up well. It’s extremely powerful and fun. If you’re ok with the weight of it (it is super heavy), you’ll enjoy it.

My only nits are:
- The default seat is not comfortable. Get the upgraded seat or go buy a cheap wide cruiser seat for it.

- The kickstand doesn’t have a ton of ground clearance when folded up, so it does get hit a lot. Luckily it’s beefy.

- Many of the bolts have needed re-torquing a few times, to be expected but keep an eye out for that.

- The gear shifter doesn’t have any indicator of what gear you’re in which often leads to accidentally starting off in the wrong gear.

Other than that, I’m enjoying the heck out of this thing!

Doug T.
What a Beast!

After much research I decided on the Biktrix Ultra Beast 2. Delivery was quick (less then 1 week) and it arrived in perfect condition. Assembly was easy just follow the online directions or Youtube videos. I loved the fact that I could customize the bike right from the factory and even pick the colour! I emailed customer service with a few questions and their response was quick. Regarding the bike itself, I am a heavy guy and was looking for a strong bike that would pull my weight around with a sturdy frame and lots of power...this bike delivers!. With the dual battery no issue whatsoever with 'range anxiety'. Note that this bike IS a Beast, it is big and is a little narrow at the standover area if you are a big person, you will probably want a 31-32" inseam minimum. Overall very happy with Biktrix!