Miranda ISIS Crank Arms Set 150mm Q35

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Premium short Miranda crank arms for eBikes using the Bafang Ultra M620 motor that replace the stock 170mm cranks. Ships with crank bolts.

  • 150mm length
  • 35mm offset
  • 2 per set

Technical Specifications

Length (hole to hole)





ISIS Drive


Aluminum Alloy

Crank Arm Bolts

Two Included




Bike Name Compatible
eBikes with Bafang Ultra M620 Motors
eBikes with Bafang BBS02/BBSHD Motors
eBikes with Rear-Hub Motors

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jamey Gray
Great set but...

Had to purchase a replacement set because one got bent due to a mishap.
Great length and less prone to pedal strikes they say.
However, Biktrix support (as good and responsive as they are) needs to NOT send a universal style puller to change these out.
It absolutely will not work on these arms and the Bafang ISIS setup!
Please stock and sell -OR- recommend the Park Tool CWP-7, it works like a charm! It has 2 interchangeable tips that go on the extruder bolt,
whereas the universal tip is much too small and doesn't press up against anything, as the spline is hollow. And the video link to lay the bike on it's side to help the universal do the job is unprofessional and an unacceptable way to do the job.
Biktrix universal on the left, Park Tool CWP-7 on the right. Happy e-Biking!

Ryan L
Cranks are great!

Shorter cranks are great for avoiding hits. But the q-factor is a bit wider and takes a bit to get used to. Otherwise very high quality and would recommend!

denis lobe

fast del

Felix Perez
This does fit my Himiway Cobra ebike

I really like these cranks! No pedal strike and less ghost peddling for my Bafang Ultra ebike.

Ron O'Black
Miranda ISIS Crank Arms

Great product, but pricey shipping, even in Canada