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Stunner X 6

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Midnight Blue
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Stunner bikes are comfort cruiser electric bikes that offer a sit-up-straight riding position. These eBikes are best for street riding and moderate trail rides. Riding a Biktrix Stunner is often compared to riding a fast couch on wheels.

lots to write home about.

Mozo Front Suspension Fork

Our suspension fork features 80mm of travel, preload, and lockout.

Integrated Headlight

The bright LED is powered by the bike's battery and can be turned on/off on the handlebar control pad.

Rack & Fenders

These fenders will keep you and your bike clean. Need to carry gear? Strap onto the rear rack and go!

LCD Display

The LCD display shows all kinds of important information about your ride including speed, battery life, range, odometer, pedal assist level, and more.

750W Bafang Mid-Drive Motor

The 750W mid-drive motor allows you to both span cities and climb hills with ease.

Oversized Cruiser Seat

Stay comfortable on long rides with this generous and superbly plush seat!

9-Speed Shimano Transmission

From climbing steep hills to holding maximum speed on the flats and everything between, our Shimano 9 speed has you covered.

Thumb-Throttle & Control Pad

With just a pull this thing becomes a motorbike. No need to pedal, just sit back and enjoy the ride. The control pad allows you to turn the bike on/off and adjust your settings.

160mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Safety on an eBike is key. With standard dual-piston hydraulic brakes, you can stop even faster than you accelerate. Four-piston brakes are available as an additional upgrade.

Technical Specifications

Size & Fittings

24" M 26" L

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Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
Kevin Redick

Stunner X 6

Good Purchase

The stunner X6 makes a big hill on my commute feel like butter. I had never used an e-bike before - it’s heavier and more powerful than I was used to. But, it’s a lot of fun and the fenders / big tires help for bad weather days. Thanks to Brooklyn from the support team!

Great value minor issurs

Bike arrived quickly with good packaging. Minor issue with handle bar bolts. One was half screwed in and appeared to be cross threaded and paint chipped in that area. After assembly, when loading the bike on my rack i grabbed the front wheel by the fender mount to straighten out the wheel in they tire tray. The mounting bracket snapped off. Took an hour to remove from shock base and fabricate a new bracket from a steel powder coated L bracket.. Repair seems to be working fine and bike handels well on trails and sand wash crossings.

John Gooding
Great bike!

My bike just arrived in great condition - no problems. Just as promised, it’s a comfortable, zippy bike - especially up hills. The 4 inch tires are good to have on our gravel roads. Thank you, Biktrix team !

good but?

Good morning,
It will be difficult to give you a positive assessment. First, the delivery was a bit long. Secondly, when opening the box (which was in perfect condition) I could see that the front tire had some air, like 5 to 10 psi, but the rear tire was completely deflated. After inflating both wheels and assembling the bike according to instructions, on your site, I went for a test drive without battery, and everything seemed to be fonctionnal as a bike should be. Then I tried with the battery... after about 500 meters the rear tire came out of the rim and everything locked. I had to come back home with a very heavy bike in my arms (I"m 71).I reassembled the wheel and blew the tire (no leakage) but now the tire seems to have taken a bad crease and not turning straight. It (the tire) seems to have been to long crushed in the box without air.
Thirdly, I can not make the lights work?
I haven

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