Swift Step Over 3

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A sleek removable battery that provides reliable power and capacity to extend your ride!

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Extra Battery At Discounted Price

Add an additional battery to on a discounted price to give you an extra boost!

Suspension Seatpost

Suspension seatposts offer great riding comfort as they absorb many of the imperfections on the road/trail.

***Adding a suspension seatpost to your eBike will increase the minimum seatpost height by 75mm/3" to 150mm/6"
Motor Power

Program your motor to meet local eBike regulations or opt for unlimited speed and power suitable for off-road use only.

Canvas Pannier Bags
Canvas Pannier Bags

These Canvas bags offer great convenience and carrying capacity!


Secure your investment by opting for an extended warranty through the BiktrixCare+ plan.

Sale price CA$2,599.00 Regular priceCA$2,799.00
Shipping: Leaves within 6-7 business days
500W Hub-Drive

Motor Power

60Nm of Torque

Moderate Hills

Up to 130km

Standard Range

+5'8ft / 330lb

Max Load

Torque Sensor

Powerful Pedal Assist

25+ Point Quality

Control Checklist


Kilometers Range


Torque For Moderate Hills

48V 21Ah

Strong, Reliable Battery

Commute like never before!

The Biktrix Swift Step-Over 3 commuter eBike is the ultimate combination of speed, comfort and control. The zippy 500W hub-motor makes the swift simple and reliable, requiring little maintenance and providing easy riding. The 48V20Ah Battery can give you up to 100km of range on a single charge!

All The Good Stuff, And More.

Distance Range

Technical Specifications

Size & Fittings

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
a good bike with some missed details

Overall, this is a fine bike. It has a natural feel, rides and handles well at speed, gets a great distance on a single charge, and carries cargo well with the rear rack plus an aftermarket front basket. I can easily get groceries for a week with just a little careful packing.

There's a number of smaller details that seem out-of-place or just poorly thought out though. In no particular order:
The bottle cage is crammed between the top tube and the battery which leaves no room for a bottle and gets in the way of the battery.
The seat is way to big to be comfortable on a ride of any distance, especially for a bike with a fairly active riding stance- maybe it's alright for very short trips or if you're only using the throttle but this bike is not an upright beach cruiser. A standard cheap saddle is a significant improvement (and would probably cost less than the stock seat).
The rear fender fits so tight to the tire that it rubs, plus it's unnecessary with the rack anyway - it's a bit of an inconvenience to remove that fender but well worth it.
The layout of everything on the handlebars made it difficult to reach the controls without the brakes getting in the way. I took everything off and moved my brake levels in and the electronic controller and shifter out so I could reach everything.
The crank arms feel really short at only 165mm - it would have been nice to have an option of a different size, even if it costs extra.

It feels like a somebody designed the bike itself and electrical system and did a great job and then a marketing team choose the components that would look good on paper.

Joe Tipps
New Swift X

I assembled my new Swift X in a breeze! The bike is awesome and a better ride than e bikes two to three times the price. I am getting a lot of compliments from the bike group I ride with. I couldn’t be happier with my new Biktrix Swift X e bike. Thank you.

Joe T.
Fairport, N Y USA

Steven Machado

Good looking bike, has bells& whistles I want. Pricey but u get what you pay for. How difficult is getting repair parts ?

Jean-Pierre Adam
Entièrement satisfait

La qualité d'assemblage du cadre et de la peinture sont excellentes.
Le cadre est certes moins rigide qu'un cadre en triangle, (ma selle est en position assez haute vu ma grandeur, ce qui accentue l'effet de levier de la partie arrière dans des conditions plus difficiles) mais il est tout à fait suffisant pour un usage sur route et même dans les sentiers forestiers rocailleux.
Pour ma part, j'aime bien rouler dans les sentiers parfois accidentés et j'ai donc changé ma position de conduite en y mettant un guidon droit pour plus de maniabilité en sentiers mais le guidon d'origine donne une position de conduite très confortable.
Avec la batterie de base je fais autour de 120km en mettant l'assistance à 5 (maximum) et en roulant autour de 30km/h avec un peu de côtes.
L'autonomie est excellente.
En mettant l'assistance à 1 en sentiers forestiers en montagne à basse vitesse je reviens de 5 heures et demie de route et la batterie (de base) est encore à 75%.
Avec l'accélérateur c'est très facile de démarrer dans une côte abrupte (en se mettant également en première vitesse).
Ce vélo est parmi les plus légers dans les vélos électriques et il est donc facile à utiliser aussi sans aucune assistance.
En tout cas je suis très satisfait de mon nouveau vélo.

Bryan Tsunoda
Would have loved to give them 5 stars.

So many pluses: Minimal assembly required - just the handle bar and front tire. Good step-by-step videos on each stage of the assembly. Appreciated that they even created videos for the accessories. Extremely well designed. Rides well and much more nimble than other e-bikes. As I am a newbie, I searched for docs and couldn't find anything on shifting, throttle, changing the level of pedal assistance (is that possible?) I upgraded to hydraulic breaks - what type of maintenance will that require?