Biktrix Rider Profile: Jeff Doyle

Biktrix Rider Profile: Jeff Doyle

Jeff Doyle is an avid hunter who produces the YouTube series, “Tracking 200”, focusing on hunting large buck deer (200lbs +)  in the northeast United States. Recognizing the potential hunting benefits an eBike provides, Jeff reached out for help narrowing down which model had the most to offer. Desiring a comfortable and quiet off-road option with ample power (but still practical for family outings), the Juggernaut FS Pro 2 was selected.

 Why the Juggernaut FS Pro 2?

The rear-suspension of the FS Pro 2 allows for enhanced shock absorption on unpaved trails - extremely important when you spend so much time checking trail cameras and looking for wildlife! 

At 5’8”, Jeff could have fit the large 19” frame of the FS Pro 2. However, already familiar with mountain biking, Jeff knew he preferred a slightly smaller frame. Luckily, the FS Pro 2 comes in multiple sizes so he wasn’t disappointed!

Needing to cover a lot of ground (often with significant elevation gain), the FS Pro 2 was equipped with an additional battery. Now, Jeff can ride an estimated 90 miles between charges!

Ammunition, safety gear, lunches, tools… with so much equipment to carry, any good hunting eBike needs to have cargo capacity. The optional rear rack was added to help Jeff reliably carry gear in and out of the bush.

Finally, Jeff also opted for the superior stopping ability of the upgraded quad-piston brakes, and the 2000 Lumen Armageddon headlight for increased visibility during night rides.

Since receiving his new eBike, Jeff has been sharing his experiences with the Biktrix Owners’ Group on Facebook. From riding rocky trails through the woods to family bike rides, the Ultra FS Pro 2 is a versatile machine. Check out some of Jeff’s posts!

See the FS Pro 2 in action on the Tracking 200 YouTube channel!

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